Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode #10

Well, seems that Archduchess Ortfiné has safely escaped the capital Landsbruck, but Eylstadt is under Germania’s hands thanks to their revived White Witch Sophie.

On the other hand, Izetta was rescued by the remaining Eylstadt forces instead of being captured by the enemy…

Sadly though, Archduchess Finé and her allies will have to hide in a bunked, deep within the Alps.

Seeking asylum will be the last option, but there’s no country that’ll accept them at the moment!

But let’s go back to Izetta as she felt pathetic over her defeat against Sophie, although she wanted to continue fighting even though her magic couldn’t be used inside the bunker.

Meanwhile, it’s revealed that Finé’s ancestor knows the true legend of the White Witch, but there’s another person who knows the truth…

And that’s Sieg Müller as his family is involved in the legend itself. In fact, Sieg’s ancestors have conspired with the Mölders on bringing the White Witch to the Inquisitors and selling its secrets to the enemy.

By the way, the prince’s wife came from the Mölders clan and I have to say that Sieg’s family felt deep regret about it just because she betrayed the White Witch out of jealousy. Also, he has a magic stone in which it’ll help Izetta fight again… at the cost of her life. Damn, that’s harsh!

Back at Germania, the Empire is preparing a massive invasion of Britannia using Sophie, where she gathered all magic across Europe and made stones so she can stuff into guided missiles.

The result is very devastating as Londenion has been besieged. On the other hand, I feel that Britannia hasn’t give up the fight yet as I believe that they can rebound from this devastation!

However, it appears that Germania’s White Witch has some limits as while Sophie can use her magic anywhere without worrying about ley lines, her lifespan is limited to just 3 days.

Although the 9th Design Division has some spare bodies in case Sophie is about to die, the White Witch is consumed by vengeance and therefore will not listen to anyone until Eylstadt is completely destroyed. But if all of Sophie’s spare bodies are gone, there’s one secret weapon that uses magic stones (now called Exenium) to win the war.

On the other hand, here’s Basler as he couldn’t believe that Sophie outclasses anyone including Izetta. Well, so much for settling the score with the Witch of Eylstadt!

As for Berckmann, it seems that he was let go by Emperor Otto as his job is done. Yeah, this bastard will just walk away but leaving Berckmann out of the picture will cause more problems for Germania…

…as Fuhrer Otto is planning to invade both the Volga Federation and the United States of Atlanta now that he has Sophie to lead the charge. Honestly, history is starting to repeat itself right here as Otto is making the same mistakes as Adolf Hitler did!

On the other hand, seems that Elliot is worried that Otto’s grand scheme won’t work. Come to think of it, I wonder if Elliot is related to the Mölders family?

With that said, let’s hope for some miracle from Izetta on the next episode.

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