Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Episode #09

This is your typical beach episode where Kae Serinuma and Shima Nishina are on vacation. Also, Yuusuke Igarashi and the rest of the boys are there too, because they down want other guys hitting on Serinuma.

But you know what, there’s one guy who needs some love… and that’s Hayato Shinomiya as he tries to impress Kae-sempai by surfing.

Little did anyone know is that Shinomiya is an indoors-type guy, meaning that he’s not athletic as everyone else and he’s also a klutz!

As you can see, Hayato-kun got tripped and his face has landed onto Kae’s breasts. Yeah, what a lucky bastard!

Then again, Shinomiya got a massive nosebleed and passed out. That’s sucks for him and Hayato-kun felt sorry about it!

On the other hand, Shinomiya tries to go home because Hayato feels that he didn’t belong here.

Then again, the fact that Shinomiya’s klutzy behavior has got him lost in the wilderness. Bad idea there Hayato, bad idea!

Anyways, Kae Serinuma tried to find Hayato-kun, but it also turned out to be a bad idea as it’s dangerous to go alone in the forest.

Ugh, I feared about Serinuma’s life every single time! Also, she finally found Shinomiya…

…who is tied to a vine and couldn’t break free. You know, seeing Hayato in this position is kinda hot.

Hell, even Kae Serinuma agrees to this situation. C’mon, she’s a fujoshi and seeing uke character in bondage turns her on!

In any case, Kae-chan freed her cute junior and went somewhere to take shelter…

…like an abandoned hotel in the middle of nowhere. Oh, and they’re drenched after running through the rain.

Well, better have both Shinomiya and Serinuma warm up somewhere or they might catch a cold.

Then again, Hayato would rather get sick than having his senior feeling ill, so he gives his coat to Kae-sempai. How sweet he is!

Unfortunately, seems that they’re not alone as there are punks inside the hotel.

Oh, and they’re laughing at Shinomiya for being a lame guy towards a beauty like Serinuma (which is not originally).

Worse of all, these punks are planning to rape Kae-chan while forcing Hayato to watch it, something that viewers would get mad about.

Yeah, I’m talking about NTR and fuck that sub-genre!

Fortunately for Hayato Shinomiya, he won’t back down as he kicked one thug in the nuts. Now that’s some quick thinking there!

Well then, time for Hayato to grab Kae-sempai and run away as fast as they can. You don’t want sweet Serinuma getting caught by potential rapists!

As for those punks, they’ll get a beating from Nozomu Nanashima and his friends. I mean, they don’t want Kae-chan (or Nishina) being taken away by strangers!

Also, they took a long detour to reach the abandoned hotel so they’re pretty much pissed on getting there.

And so, these three thugs got beaten to a pulp. However, the MVP for this episode is none other than Hayato Shinomiya as he proves that this scrawny kid can put up a fight, just to protect Kae Serinuma. Kudos to Hayato-kun for his bravery!

In any case, that’s about it for this episode and I’ll see you next time.

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