WWW.Working!! Episode #10

“You thought that I was Rui Nagata, but it was actually me, Miri Yanagiba!”

That was a nice joke from Miri, but Daisuke Higashida saw her disguise already.

On the other hand, Daisuke will be side-lined on this episode for the time being…

…as it’ll focus on Yuuta Shindou and his ongoing woes with his family debt, and his sadistic childhood friend Shiho Kamakura.

On the other hand, Kisaki Kondou is pretty much annoyed at Yuuta-kun for being poor and gloomy all the time. Well, the reason why his family got a large debt because Yuuta’s father gambles a lot!

Meanwhile, Tasaka-san is worried about his boss Shino as she’s getting depressed lately. So much that her father might kill one or two bodyguards if Shino’s depression is not cured.

In any case, Tasaka-san suggested that Shindou should change his personality into a brash young guy, on the pretext that Yuuta ate Hana Miyakoshi’s horrible chocolate or got hit on the head. Not sure if roughening-up Shino would cure her depression, but it’s better than leaving it.

And so, Yuuta Shindou shakes Shino’s head as if he’s angry at her. Then again, Yuuta-kun feared that Shino would retaliate afterwards!

But instead, Shino Kamakura’s face became like this as she’s happy that Yuuta is back to his old self. Wow, what an unexpected turn of events!

On the other hand, the reason why she’s bullying Yuuta Shindou is because she wants the brash personality of her childhood friend. But damn, Shino’s face is so cute!

Then again, seems that Yuuta’s roughening on Shino is over as Daichi Saitou smacks Shindou away from his boss.

Oh yeah, and Daichi told Yuuta that if he continues to mess Shino up, Shindou is history. Looks like Yuuta’s life is pretty much hell!

One more thing, this is Yuuta’s dad as he’s wasted after blowing up his money for pachinko. Seriously, Yuuta’s dad is in the same league as Mahiru Inami’s father, they’re the worst dads ever!

Anyways, I’ll see you next time but you know what, Yuuta should have married Shino while punishing his father for his gambling addiction. I mean, his dad might blow off Shino’s money again.

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