Occultic;Nine Episode #09

So remember what I said on the previous episode that Miyuu Aikawa receiving a message from her already-dead friend Chizu Kawabata?

Well, seems that she’s going to find her at Anmeiji Shrine, judging from the picture that Miyuu received on her phone. Still, both Sarai Hashigami and Touko Sumikaze are worried about Aikawa so they went to Anmeiji.

Anyways, Miyuu went to Anmeiji in order to find clues on Chi-chan’s whereabouts. Upon checking the shrine, seems that it opened a hidden passageway…

…which lead to this torture room of sorts. I have a bad feeling that Miyuu Aikawa is caught in a trap.

And lo and behold, I was right as this pale-skinned boy baited Miyuu just to complete his kotoribako experiment. By the way, he stole the box that contained Chizu Kawabata’s remains (or according to him, it was given by Ririka Nishizono).

While Miyuu’s friend is already dead (it’s just that Miyuu is in denial until now), the reason why this creepy child baited Aikawa is because she’s special, due to the fact that her body has scandium that makes her spirit visible to this white-skinned kid and the victims of the Inokashira Park incident.

Also, this creepy child cut Miyuu’s long hair from her lifeless body as a sacrifice, because he believes that the kotoribako will have greater results compared to Chizu’s remains! Ugh, can’t stand his face!

Fortunately, help has arrived when Asuna Kisaki appeared at the scene to stop the white-skinned child from committing further crimes.

Oh, and her colleagues have apprehended this creepy kid put him behind bars.

And he thinks that being a minor will get away scot-free? Not this time because Kisaki has more reason to arrest this kid, as he stole one evidence from the police department. Come to think of it, where’s Nishizono?

As for Miyuu Aikawa, she’s safe as Miyuu was rescued by both Sarai and Touko-san.

Also, Miyuu told both of them on what happened inside the hidden room at Anmeiji Shrine, such as scandium and its application to the human body that’ll grant him/her immortality, albeit turning into a visible ghost as they’re experiencing right now.

Gotta say, I’m starting to understand what’s going on, although the fact that The Society of Eight Gods of Fortune is still a mystery. They have some sort of mission, but it’s a bit vague at the moment.

And speaking of that cult organization, looks like the leader called Emperor wants to commence the New World System as his body (or should I say his spirit) won’t last long.

While The Society of Eight Gods of Fortune is preparing for the next step after brain-washing all 256 people into committing suicide, little did they know that some victims are trying to stop their plans.

Meanwhile, Kiryu Kusakabe is calling a certain nosy detective since he has nothing to do now that Aria Kurenairo has become a visible ghost.

Yeah, I’m talking about Shun Moritsuka as he’s curious about Kusakabe since Kiryu is the first person who has an out-of-body experience before.

Then again, calling Moritsuka out is a bad idea from Kusakabe in the first place since Shun is freaking annoying!

Lastly, here’s Yuuta Gamon as he doesn’t want to get involved in Miyuu Aikawa’s rescue before, so he decides to stay at his father’s radio station because Gamotan missed his dad so much!

And then, Ryoka Narusawa appeared in front of Yuuta Gamon. Only this time, Ryo-tas is not acting her usual cutesy self. Makes me wonder if she’s hiding something from Gamotan.

With that said, I’m done on this episode as I’ll see you next time!

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