Stella no Mahou Episode #10

Spring has passed on this series, which means that Tamaki Honda will wear her summer uniform starting on this episode.

Also, Teru Hyakutake is here to check on the SNS Club by wearing the same uniform as Tamaki Honda, oh and messing around Tamaki’s hair because Teru wants to!

By the way, Tamaki Honda wasn’t aware that Teru Hyakutake was the previous club president until now.

Speaking of unawareness, Minaha hasn’t realized that Iris-sensei is actually Ayame Seki minus the glasses.

Sucks for Ayame-sempai as she’s playing the act of a cool senior instead of a plain old writer who wants to bury her old shameful works!

That’s until Iris-sensei “accidentally” dropped her glasses. Could this be the time where Minaha learned the truth about Iris-sensei’s true identity?

No, turns out that Minaha treats both Iris-sensei and Ayame Seki as separate beings.

Well, looks like Iris-sensei’s true identity will be kept secret for now. On the other hand, I wonder if Minaha signed her club application yet?

Meanwhile, Tamaki went to Shiina-sempai’s apartment as she wanted to clear up misunderstandings, as well as making an apology for getting mad at Murakami just because her artwork is somewhat inferior to Minaha.

Also, Tamaki-chan broke Shiina’s laptop as she couldn’t turn it on. Oh noes…

However, Shiina Murakami “fixed” the laptop by charging it. Well, it’s not like it was really broken to begin with!

In any case, all’s well that ends well for Tamaki Honda as she was forgiven by Shiina Murakami, as well has having her laptop fixed.

Then again, this touching scene was interrupted by Minaha as she’s here to help the SNS Club on making their next game. How rude!

Well then, let’s aim for the Summer Comiket on the next episode!

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