ViVid Strike! Episode #10

Here’s Rinne Berlinetta, a girl who lost everything and blamed herself about it. In fact, she would rather keep her problems to herself even though Fuuka Reventon tries to reach Rinne out!

But of course, Rinne would rather become stronger than being looked down by others. After all, she wanted to win the Winter Cup so badly, but Rinne’s chances has been cut short by Vivio Takamachi.

However, Fuuka won’t give up that easily as she wants to reach Rinne’s heart through her fists and feet!

On the other hand, Fuuka Reventon is using techniques from the likes of Vivio Takamachi, Rio Wesley, and Corona Timil. Oh, and she learned it within 4 months which is impressive since Fuuka is a newcomer!

But anyways, Fuuka Reventon edged-out Rinne Berlinetta as she landed a devastating punch that sends her friend to the building.

You know what, I think Rinne should share the burden to Fuuka since they’re best friends during their stay at the orphanage. Then again, she’s goddamn stubborn and I feel bad that Rinne close her heart out after losing her grandfather, which followed by beating up some bullies after tormenting her!

Meanwhile, seems that one of Frontier Gym staff told Jill Stola to stop the match, as Rinne’s body might not take the beating from Fuuka Reventon!

Looks like they admitted that Fuuka is stronger than Rinne, but Coach Jill told her staff that the fight will continue. I guess Jill Stola wants to see this exhibition match until the end.

With that said, the battle will continue on the next episode. Who will emerge victorious between Fuuka Reventon and Rinne Berlinetta?

Also, let’s not forget that there’s an official title match against Einhart Stratos!

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