Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode #09

Ever since she encountered Kiyoi Mizushima back in Episode 8, Hanna Mikage is still curious about the truth behind Selector Battles even though Kiyoi warned her about it.

On the other hand, Hanna found some clues such as Mayu and her reason for creating the Selector BATTORU in the first place.

Speaking of Mizushima, she challenged Chinatsu Morikawa in another BATTORU and told her that she can’t escape the Selector Battles regardless if you win or lose. In fact, Kiyoi Mizushima suffered a lot from losing her friend because her previous LRIG was a bitch, to getting back up as Piruluk until she got her sweet revenge.

In any case, Kiyoi deliberately lose the battle against Chinatsu, but she’ll continues to stop anyone from continuing the cycle of hate and suffering, especially Kou Satomi where he enjoys the hell out of everyone who is in despair.

Afterwards, Chinatsu Morikawa saw Kagari Yukino… or should I say Yukime who is currently residing in Kagari’s body.

Unfortunately for Yukime, using Kagari Yukino’s body is like reanimating a corpse where she do various mundane things, as if her life is worse than being a LRIG. Well, there are a few exceptions though such as the Bookmaker, but Yukime got fed up with her new life as a human…

…and therefore decided to jump over the get run over by a truck. Yeah, that’ll make Chii-chan think twice about continuing the Selector Battles!

Anyways, Yukime has died on the spot just like that. Looks like doing BATTORU would ruin someone’s life much like the previous series, but in a twisted way.

Now then, let’s go back to Hanna Mikage where she finally earned all 5 gold coins, and Nanashi congratulates Hanna for winning her battles.

With that said, it’s time for Hanna Mikage to retrieve her lost memories…

…which involves around her brother Yuuto and the truth behind his death. It turns out, it was Hanna’s fault for letting her brother killed by going to a construction site.

Well, this ain’t pretty for Hanna Mikage. But the worst part is that Nanashi really wants to make Hanna suffer after learning the truth, which means that she’s giving the “Fuck you!” towards Mikage before leaving.

Anyways, I guess that Hanna Mikage won’t dwell into Selector Battles anymore now that she suffered enough. Of course, what’s gonna happen to both Suzuko Homura and Chinatsu Morikawa now that both of them are going deeper into the game?

In any case, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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