Sound! Euphonium 2 Episode #10

Well, this will be the last time that Mamiko Oumae made a conversation with her little sister Kumiko.

After all, she’s quitting college to pursue her career as a beautician, so let’s hoping that Mamiko won’t regret that!

Meanwhile, seems that despite her wishes to join the concert band club, Asuka Tanaka will take her leave in order to focus on academics. I mean, Asuka’s mother wants her daughter to quit playing the euphonium.

In any case, Asuka told Kumiko that she can’t help it but to leave the rest of club in the upcoming national competition.

Of course, Kumiko knows that Asuka-sempai is lying to herself as she wanted to have Masakazu Shindou to see her perform at the nationals.

In fact, Kumiko Oumae doesn’t want Asuka Tanaka feeling regretful on quitting the concert band club.

Therefore, she tried her earnest to bring Asuka-sempai back because Kumiko really wants to see her play.

I mean, look at Kumiko’s face as she really wants Asuka-sempai return to the concert band club, but will it be enough to convince Tanaka?

Surprisingly, she’s back to play the euphonium for the upcoming national competition. Once more, it turns out that Asuka scored higher in the mock examination, which she has proof towards her mother that Asuka wants to stay at the concert band club.

Well, I’m glad that Asuka Tanaka returned to the concert band club after 4 episodes. You know what, would it be nice if her sub-plot ended in the previous episode, but I guess Kyoto Animation wants to pad it up. On the other hand, I feel that Mamiko Oumae’s subplot about her sudden career change wasn’t developed much as I wanna know what drove her to quit college in the first place.

Still, the only good news is that I loved how Tomoyo Kurosawa acted on this week’s episode, especially when her character Kumiko Oumae is becoming emotional. Kudos to Kurosawa-san for her stunning performance!

Anyways, looks like Natsuki Nakagawa is happy that Asuka Tanaka is back! Still, they’ll have to focus on preparing for the upcoming national competition.

With that said, I’ll see you next time…

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