Brave Witches Episode #09

Naoe Kanno, also known as the hot-blooded witch where she’ll use her punches to destroy the Neuroi.

And yes, it’s glorious! So whenever her weapons got jammed or run out of ammo, all it needs is Naoe’s punch!

Still, Naoe Kanno always wreck her Striker Unit every mission, something that Aleksandra Ivanovna Pokryshkin would get angry over it.

Anyways, the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing is on a mission to destroy the Neuroi at Petrozavodsk, which it’ll threaten the supply lines if left out.

Well then, looks like it’s time for the Brave Witches to crush the enemy right away!

Now then, Naoe Kanno rushed towards the Neuroi and tries to destroy it as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, Naoe’s recklessness might put her in trouble like getting herself killed!

Or worse, having her teammate Sasha taking the bullet in which she lost consciousness on guarding Kanno and her stupidity.

I’d say that the Brave Witches will have to retreat for now.

In any case, Aleksandra Ivanovna Pokryshkin is injured and Georgette Lemare is tending Sasha’s wounds for the time being.

Seriously, it’s Naoe’s fault for bringing her recklessness when the Brave Witches needs teamwork.

Now then, it’s the second attempt for the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing and while they find the Neuroi’s weakness, seems that the enemy has other plans…

…like splitting itself so that the Brave Witches will have a hard time locating the core. Yeah, it’s worse than I thought!

Meanwhile, Nikka Edvardine Katajainen protected Naoe Kanno again but you know what, something feels off towards Naoe as she lost her aggressive attitude.

I guess she realized that it’s her fault for letting Sasha injured!

On the other hand, Hikari Karibuchi is suggesting that she’ll use her ability to see the core. However, Kanno-san refuses as she wants her teammates to make a retreat.

That’s when Hikari told Naoe that she doesn’t like seeing Kanno getting scared, especially in front of Takami Karibuchi where Naoe wants to become her partner. You know what, Hikari is right and I think Naoe should go back on her bravado attitude while trusting her mates in the heat of the battle!

Then again, considering that the “friendship solves everything” cliche is so overused, let’s tell Kanno to grow a pair… or should I say inject some more testosterone but not too much!

Now then, it’s time to carry out Hikari’s plan as Naoe protects her mate until Karibuchi reaches the Neuroi…

…where she touches the enemy in order to find the core. Well, Hikari will use her ability in these rare situations, otherwise she’ll end up like Takami if Hikari overused it.

Now that Hikari has found the core, it’s time for Naoe Kanno to punch the Neuroi’s core with her Tsurugi Issen!

Remember everyone, one punch is enough to destroy the core. It maybe risky, but it’s worth the effort!

Anyways, the supply lines at Petrozavodsk has been secured now that the Neuroi is finally destroyed.

Unfortunately for Naoe Kanno, seems that her Striker Unit pushed too far and therefore plunging down to the ground. Not only that, but Nipa and Hikari’s Striker Units got wrecked as well.

Looks like Sasha will have a word for those three as repairing their units will be a pain in the ass! But hey, all’s well that ends well and looks like Naoe is getting friendly towards Hikari!

Lastly, here’s Takami Karibuchi as she’s woken up from her coma. I wonder who healed her?

Why it’s none other than the protagonist of Strike Witches, Yoshika Miyafuji! Glad that she’s back for a cameo appearance, but Takami is worried about Hikari since she slept for 3 months.

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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