Fune wo Amu Episode #09

Here’s Midori Kishibe again as she’s curious about her boss Mitsuya Majime. I mean, Kishibe wants to know more about Majime in order to finish his lifetime work, The Great Passage.

On the other hand, seems that Kishibe is looking at Majime’s love letter in which Masashi Nishioka copied it. He’s sure is cheeky even though Nishioka is now at the marketing department!

That’s until Tomosuke Matsumoto told Midori-san that Mitsuya-san might be awkward when it comes to explaining things, but words are important to him that Majime chooses one that’s understandable.

In fact, Matsumoto sees Kishibe as a word lover in which he believes that Midori-san can help her boss on finishing Genbu Shobo’s dictionary masterpiece.

Now then, the production of The Great Passage is at the closing stages and while Majime’s team are doing final checks in regards to words and definitions, Mitsuya-san is also checking the paper that’ll be used in the dictionary.

Oh yeah, the guy in the blueish coat is Miyamoto and he visits the dictionary editorial department frequently to show the sample paper to Majime. Although his samples where rejected by Majime before due to some texture or strength issues, will this be the time that Miyamoto’s latest sample will get a pass?

Turns out, Mitsuya-san told him that the sample paper is up to his standards, which is great for Miyamoto as his hardwork has finally paid off. Now then, looks like The Great Passage’s production will commence… until Majime realized that some of the words are missing from the final draft.

Well, Mitsuya’s dictionary editorial department got a major setback. But will he and his team make some corrections in time for its release? After all, they can’t make hasty mistakes at this point if Genbu Shobo’s magnus opus will sell to the public. Anyways, I’ll see you on the penultimate episode!

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