Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Episode #10

On this week’s episode, looks like Asuma Mutsumi have invited the gang for a treasure hunt. Then again, I don’t think they’ll find “real” treasure inside the cave.

Also, turns out that Asuma-sempai doesn’t like staying in the dark unless he has his flashlight. Poor Asuma-sempai…

In any case, they finally found the treasure after getting lost in the cave and being chased by goddamn bats!

But when Asuma Mutsumi opened the chest, what he finds…

…is a paper that tells Asuma and his friends that it’s all just a prank. What a bummer!

Hell, even the rest got hooked by this horrible joke. So who’s responsible for putting the treasure inside the cave in the first place?

Well it turns out that the treasure hunt was made by none other than Kazuma Mutsumi, Asuma’s older brother who is now a student teacher.

Oh yeah, and Kazuma-san is attracted to everybody whether if it’s a guy or a girl. Come to think of it, I think Asuma is also attracted to both boys and girls, especially Hayato Shinomiya.

But anyways, let’s go back to Kazuma Mutsumi as he’s attracted to Kae Serinuma, something that the boys don’t want this guy stealing their girl…

…especially Asuma-sempai where he doesn’t like his brother making his move towards Kae-chan. Gotta say, this is gonna be a war between brothers!

Well then, I’ll see you on the next episode and let’s hope that Serinuma won’t get taken away by a mere student teacher!

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