Magical Girl Raising Project Episode #11

This is Cranberry, the Forest Musician who seeks stronger opponents is actually the only survivor of the previous batch of magical girls.

So much that Fav offered Cranberry to collaborate on recruiting a new batch just for the hell of it. And because of this, the number of magical girls has been reduced to 5!

But now, it’s time for the penultimate episode where Swim-Swim and Tama are working together to kill the Forest Musician, as Cranberry is the biggest threat to the remaining magical girls.

Still, it appears that Cranberry is unstoppable as she knows about Swim-Swim’s weaknesses. In fact, Swim-Swim is vulnerable to light and sound even though her ability can pass through any objects.

On the other hand, I think the Forest Musician is forgetting something… Oh right, another magical girl!

In fact, Swim-Swim planned to become the bait for Cranberry, just for Tama to attack the Forest Musician from behind.

By the way, Tama’s ability can make holes regardless of size. And since Tama has used her ability against Cranberry…

…it appears that her ability is super-effective against the Forest Musician, as Cranberry’s body has been cut in half thanks to Tama.

Well, so much for being the strongest magical girl as Cranberry was killed by the weakest magical girl ever!

Meanwhile, Tama has found Swim-Swim… or should I say Ayana Sakanagi after she was knocked out by Cranberry.

While Tama is glad that her fellow magical girl is safe, it seems that she broke one crucial rule: Revealing someone’s identity!

Thus, Swim-Swim has killed her only ally Tama just because someone saw her true identity. Ugh, it’s sucks that after killing the strongest magical girl, Tama end up being one of Swim-Swim’s victims.

But you know what, I feel that Tama is one of the most unfortunate characters on this series.

In fact, Tama or Tama Inubouzaki is not as bright nor athletic as the rest of the cast. So much that her younger brother surpassed Tama in many ways.

The only person that understands Tama’s plight was her grandmother. However, she was passed away due to pneumonia.

With that said, Tama has died like a dog and the number of magical girls in Nabuka City is now reduced to 3.

This means that there’s no need to fight anymore now that the quota has been reached. Then again, Fav won’t stop the battle until there’s one left!

For Snow White, she wants to stop the carnage but she can’t do anything about it, not even Ripple as she vows vengeance against Swim-Swim for killing Top Speed…

And yes, Ripple missed her only master very much. I mean, it’s sucks for Ripple or Kano Sazanami to lose a dear friend in front of her eyes, not to mentioned that Top Speed or Tsubame Murota is six-months pregnant.

Well then, it seems that Ripple is ready to kill Swim-Swim on the final episode. At this point, there’s no salvation for the remaining magical girls… and also, I hate Fav for making this shitty game!

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