Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode #11

Here’s Berckmann as he’s surveying the occupied Eylstadt for more clues like finding Ricelt’s grave, as well as the whereabouts of Archduchess Ortfiné.

Sucks that Berckmann is no longer involved in the artificial witch project now that Fuhrer Otto ousted him out!

Anyways, the Germanian Waffen-SS has found the secret bunker and they’re about to capture the archduchess as a trophy.

Well, it’s sucks that Eylstadt’s troops couldn’t stand a chance!

Oh, and they capture Archduchess Finé, but I’m sure that they’ll do something nasty towards her. What a fucking bastard they are, especially the commander of the SS!

Fortunately, Archduchess Finé was rescued when Izetta used the magic stone to fling rocks at the Germanian troops.

You may thank Sieghart Müller for giving the stone to Izetta, but it comes at the price of the White Witch’s lifespan because the magic stone siphons her life force to produce magic!

Meanwhile, Arnold Berckmann has decided to kill the commander of the Waffen-SS, as it turns out that they’re ordered by Otto to dispose the Lt. Colonel now that the Fuhrer has his own White Witch.

Still, Berckmann would rather live than being killed assassinated for political reasons…

Instead, he opts to surrender to Eylstadt because that’s the only option. Then again, I don’t trust Berckmann so much because he’ll use both sides until the Lt. Colonel is the only one standing!

Now then, Lt. Colonel Arnold Berckmann is finally tied up and Chief Advisor Sieghart Müller is asking him question.

On the other hand, Berckmann told Sieg that they’re both the same when it comes to achieving victory, even though they’ll sully their hands in the process. But Sieghart Müller retaliated that he won’t be like Berckmann… or at least he tried to. Remember when Sieg murdered Jonas in order to hide Izetta’s weaknesses? Well, I won’t forgive him!

Anyways, Lt. Colonel Berckmann gave Chief Advisor Müller a photo film of what appears to be a big explosion.

Now, Berckmann explained to Sieg that Germania is developing a magic-based bomb that’ll destroy Landsbruck, Eylstadt so that the Allied Powers would be forced to surrender to the empire. So remember what you saw on Episode 10? It’s basically a fantasy version of an atomic bomb that might potentially surpass the real thing, which I’m wondering if the United States of Atlanta are making a bomb as we speak.

In any case, that revelation has shocked the Archduchess that Finé is considering an unconditional surrender just to save her country from becoming a wasteland.

But for Izetta however, she doesn’t like the Archduchess kowtowing to the Fuhrer as the White Witch slapped Finé. After all, they can’t back down at this point as Izetta offered the Archduchess to lay her life to save Eylstadt!

While Finé is pretty worried that Izetta won’t last long when she uses her magic stone, which I understand a bit since losing a dear friend will be a downer, let’s not forget that they’re in a tight position where Fuhrer Otto is about to use a super weapon in front of the Allied Powers. In fact, Izetta would be crucial to stop Sophie and Germania’s magic bomb.

It would be nice if Izetta managed to stop the artificial White Witch and kill Fuhrer Otto in one fell swoop. But my concern is Berckmann as apart from not being trust-worthy, he might pull one last trick against both Eylstadt and Germania.

In any case, I’ll leave you here to close this week’s episode with this nice picture of Izetta spending her time with Finé. Then again, this could be the last time!

Well then, I’ll see you on the final episode…

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