WWW.Working!! Episode #11

On this episode, seems that Hana Miyakoshi will stay at Daisuke Higashida’s house. Oh yeah, and his parents and his sister are out of town, so Daisuke and Hana-chan are pretty much by themselves.

Anyways, Miyakoshi is here to talk about love, which she couldn’t comprehend even though Hana is hanging out with Higashida. Also, Daisuke won’t even talk about it!

So, Hana-chan goes for the next best thing, which is seeing St. Valentine by the power of her homemade chocolate.

Wow, they sure want to reuse the same joke as before!

Well, there goes Hana Miyakoshi as she went to the purgatory of love. Might as well have Daisuke Higashida rescue his co-worker…

…as St. Valentine is pretty much annoyed but scared at Hana-chan. As much as she ask the patron of love, Miyakoshi won’t even understand one single bit.

Also, would it be better if she won’t do another out-of-body experience or Hana might be trapped in limbo forever!

Fortunately, Daisuke Higashida is here to pick Hana-chan up as always. But wait, how come Daisuke went to the afterlife if he has no chocolate to eat?

Could it be that Higashida ate one of the leftovers or did he lick the chocolate from Hana’s face?

Well, it turns out that Daisuke actually did the latter, which Hana-chan got grossed out of it and ran away until she’s revived or something!

Just kidding, Higashida won’t do it as he ate some leftover chocolate. At least he’s better prepared in case of his co-worker getting another out-of-body experience.

Still, Hana Miyakoshi felt that her kiss was stolen by Daisuke-kun, so she decides to pay him back for what she has done by becoming a real girlfriend.

Just kidding about the “real” girlfriend part, but seeing Miyakoshi being regretful over her actions against Higashida is very satisfying… at least for him though!

Then again, the fact that Hana-chan is on top of Daisuke would bring some misunderstandings, as seen here when Masahiro Adachi accidentally saw both of them. Damn son, what a bad timing you made on this episode!

In any case, that’s about it for Episode 11 as there’s two more to go! Also, sorry for the delays, it’s just that my PC is in repair at this moment so I’m using someone’s computer to blog anime… My apologies!

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