Fune wo Amu Episode #10

This episode has hit a major crisis for Genbu Shobo, especially Mitsuya Majime where he fears that the world is losing words. Without those words, how will people convey it to one another?

In any case, the dictionary editorial department has recruited temporary workers to check all 240,000 words and definitions before compiling them up into The Great Passage.

Sure that it’ll be a long and tedious task, but Majime-san and his team must work together to ensure that the dictionary will be successful!

On the other hand though, seems that Tomosuke Matsumoto has been hospitalized due to some unknown illness. While he’ll be discharged soon after taking a rest, I feel that Matsumoto-san is starting to feel that his time is almost up.

I’m hoping that he’ll see the dictionary completed before passing away!

One last thing, here’s Kaguya Hayashi and sure that both of them are busy with their respective careers, but Mitsuya should need some support from his wife Kaguya.

I mean, she’s worried that her husband might collapsed due to overwork. After all, people need rest in order to feel refreshed on the next day!

And speaking of next day (or should I say after many days of quality control), looks like the staff at the dictionary editorial department has finally finished checking all 240,000 words for The Great Passage!

For everyone else, it was a sigh of relief now that they finally reached their goal!

Of course, the temporary staff are impressed of Majime’s work ethic and persistence that they want to work with him again when there’s a new project. I hope they kept their word about it!

Oh yeah, and here’s Masashi Nishioka as he’s doing his best to promote The Great Passage in his own way. Apart from hiring a designer for the book cover, he got something to show for the dictionary editorial department…

…a mascot for The Great Passage named Kai. Yes, isn’t it cute that he’ll be the face for Genbu Shobo’s magnus opus?

Heck, even Midori Kishibe is impressed on the new mascot! I have to say that Nishioka is a big help on bringing the dictionary to its release.

With that said, I guess that Mitsuya Majime’s lifelong work is finally done as the dictionary is awaiting its publication to various bookstores nationwide.

Of course, there’s one more episode to go before closing this series out!

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