Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode #10

Well, seems that Chinatsu Morikawa is shocked regarding Yukime’s death on the previous episode.

Of course, Kou Satomi is looking forward to turn her into a monster just like him…

…especially when he beat the shit out of Shouhei Shirai. And with one coin left, I think he’s in danger of losing his existence. I blame the Bookmaker!

Speaking of the Bookmaker, Kou Satomi has a BATTORU to fight against a special foe. Yeah, look how he enjoyed tormenting everyone!

Anyways, Satomi is challenging Kiyoi Mizushima to a duel as she wants to stop the Selector Battles.

Unfortunately for Kiyoi and Piruluk, what they saw regarding Kou Satomi’s heart is truly horrifying… It appears that his heart is clouded in total darkness, born from malice and despair of various LRIGs from the previous world. And if you think that the Bookmaker is like Ulith/Rumi from the Selector Infected/Spread/Destructed series, you’re totally wrong about that!

In any case, Kiyoi Mizushima and Piruluk are defeated. Of course, what’s important now is the Selector Battle for Shouhei Shirai…

…which he’s against Rio Oshiba and Mama. Sadly for him though, he’ll rather disappear than continue to do BATTORU!

And with that, Shouhei Shirai is no more as Donna will take over his body. Such a sad day for Chinatsu to lose a friend like Shouhei-kun.

I mean, Donna is crying over his disappearance. But you know what, it’s all Kou Satomi’s fault!

So with two episodes left, what will Chii-chan and Suzuko do now as the BATTORU gets worse?

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