Magical Girl Raising Project Episode #12

This is it, the final episode of MahoIku where at this point these magical girls won’t be competing for candies, but to kill each other until there’s one left.

In fact, that’s how Fav and his cohorts at the World of Magic are planning to do as they want a new master for the new batch of magical girls. Yeah, Koyuki Himekawa won’t like this revelation one bit!

But let’s go straight to the finale as Ripple and Swim-Swim are fighting to the death. While Ripple have figured out on Swim-Swim’s weaknesses, seems that the dreaded magical girl took a left eye from the ninja…

…as well as Ripple’s left arm. Well, Ripple is gonna die soon at this point!

Fortunately, Ripple is quick at her feet as she used her severed left arm to spray blood on Swim-Swim’s eyes, which blinded the magical girl just in time…

…to chuck a flashbang grenade onto Swim-Swim. After all, light and sound are her primary weaknesses.

In any case, Swim-Swim just got knocked out by a mere flashbang and not only that, but her transformation has been undone which is perfect for Ripple..

…as she can stab Swim- I mean, Ayana Sakanagi to death until Ripple passed out. Well, looks like the number of magical girls has been reduced to 2, but then again it could become 1 at this stage!

So when Snow White went to the battlefield where Swim-Swim and Ripple fought until one survives, what she saw there is truly horrifying…

It turns out, both of them have died as expected and Snow White failed to stop both magical girls, despite the fact that Swim-Swim is a young merciless killer while Ripple is acting on vengeance.

Ugh, this is truly the endgame of this series!

But as for Fav, it signals the end of the Magical Girl Raising Project as Snow White has become the sole survivor, which in turn become the master for the new batch of magical girls… and she did it without staining her own two hands.

Of course, Snow White won’t give a shit of becoming like Cranberry because she lost La Pucells, Hardgore Alice, and even Nemurin during this ordeal. But for Fav though, he doesn’t care because they’re pathetic which include the likes of Weiss Winterprison, Sister Nana, and Top Speed!

Then again, nobody badmouths Top Speed as it turns out that Ripple managed to fake her death. This shocked Fav so much that he’s trying to defuse the situation by talking to a disgruntled ninja magical girl.

However, Snow White told Ripple to kill Fav by destroying the master terminal because she knows what that bastard mascot is thinking.

While the master terminal is indestructible according to Fav, the only way to wreck it is by using magical items. Of course, there’s one magical item that’s useful against Fav… and that’s Swim-Swim’s halberd!

With that said, Ripple used the halberd to destroy the master terminal, which in turn kills Fav on the spot. Anyways, the Magical Girl Raising Project at Nabuka City has finally ended, but the cost of closing it is far greater for both Ripple and Snow White as they lost their allies in the process.

Well, I have to say that I got one hell of a ride for watching MahoIku. While it was a great conclusion to this series, I think that I want it more from Magical Girl Raising Project, especially for Snow White now that she’s changed a lot after becoming a survivor.

Alas, we’ll never know if Lerche and Takarajimasha would go back to this series once more. But still, I think they did a great adaptation of HahoIku and let’s hope we’ll have more in the future!

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