Sound! Euphonium 2 Episode #11

Here’s Natsuki Nakagawa, telling Asuka Tanaka that she’s glad to have her back in the concert band club. While Asuka-sempai is a bit rusty due to her mother issues, I think she’ll return to her peak form in time for the competition!

Meanwhile, looks like Reina Kousaka is avoiding Kumiko Oumae after bringing Asuka-sempai back. Why the sudden snub perhaps?

Well, there’s one more reason why Reina is a bit angry!

It turns out that she’s frustrated that her crush Taki-sensei has a wife… or should I say deceased wife as Reina wasn’t told about it from Kumiko.

I guess Kumiko doesn’t want Reina getting depressed after learning about it, but it appears that the cat is out of the bag now!

So when Reina confronts Taki-sensei, he told her about his wife’s dreams of getting gold at the nationals before passing away due to illness.

Now that she knows about Noboru Taki’s wife, how will Reina Kousaka do now as the competition draws near?

Well, turns out that Reina decides to pay a visit to the tombstone of Taki’s deceased wife, and pray that she and her fellow club members will get a gold in the national competition.

Gotta say that it was a good gesture coming from Kousaka. Of course, I’m sure that her performance won’t be affected now that her worries have finally disappeared!

With that said, looks like Kitauji High School are ready for the nationals on the next episode. Of course, their road towards getting gold will be a tough one!

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