ViVid Strike! Episode #11

Here’s Coach Jill Stola as she’s training Rinne Berlinetta until the young fighter becomes stronger that she won’t be looked down by others.

Sure that Coach Jill is aware about Rinne’s personal problems, but she’s doing her best to train Rinne in order to achieve their dream of becoming of getting the title belt from Einhart Stratos. Yet, they couldn’t do it thanks to Vivio Takamachi until now of course…

In any case, seems that Jill’s hellish training has paid off for Rinne Berlinetta as she landed a devastating uppercut towards Fuuka Reventon’s chin. She might be a bit groggy, but her experience with Jill Stola got the advantage against her childhood friend!

But let’s go back to Fuuka Reventon as she got a hard knockdown after receiving an uppercut from Rinne. Still, that won’t knock her down!

In fact, Fuuka lost a tooth upon getting that uppercut. Well, seems that she won’t back down just yet, but I feel that Fuuka wanted to share her feelings to her childhood friend.

Sure that both of them got separated, but Fuuka wants to help Rinne even though they’ll end up beating each other. But hey, this is a Nanoha anime series and befriending is the only way for these two girls to make up!

Well then, seems that this exhibition match has reached a conclusion as Fuuka delivered one decisive blow against Rinne.

As for Rinne, looks like tears are dropping down to her eyes as she’s started to warm up towards Fuuka. After all, what she needs is someone to lean on.

For Fuuka however, seems that this exhibition match would become a warm-up for her title match against Einhart Stratos. With that said, I’ll see you on the final episode!

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