Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode #11

Here’s Hanna Mikage as she’s visited by Suzuko Homura. Sure that she’s devastated after Nanashi showed that painful memory of Yuuto’s disappearance and eventual death, but after a conversation with Suzuko…

…seems that Hanna-chan is in high spirits after realizing that she needs to move forward.

As much as Nanashi broke Hanna-chan emotionally, seems that it didn’t brought her down completely as she’s back!

Meanwhile, here’s Donna as while she lost Shouhei Shirai after the previous episode, Donna is here to tell Suzuko-chan regarding Chinatsu Morikawa.

And that’s reminding Chinatsu of her true feelings, which is Shouhei’s last wish before disappearing. Yeah, Donna is begging to rescue Chii-chan from the Bookmaker!

Anyways, it’s time for Round 2 between Chinatsu Morikawa and Suzuko Homura and while the former wants to erase the latter from her life, seems that Chii-chan wants to be with Suzuko forever.

In fact, it was Chinatsu that’s restraining Suzuko as she was very, very dependent on her. Yeah, this is Chii-chan’s true feelings towards Suzuko…

…which is why she can’t beat her best friend. Well, so much for discarding her memories related to Suzuko Homura!

Speaking of Suzuko Homura, seems that it’s her opportunity to make a comeback against Chinatsu as she’s gonna bring her friend back… by winning this BATTORU!

Well, seems that her training with Hanna Mikage has finally paid off. With that said, Suzuko Homura wins her Selector Battle against Chinatsu Morikawa!

Still, there’s no hard feelings for both of them as Suzuko welcomes Chinatsu back to her arms. Yeah, isn’t it sweet that these childhood friends have reconciled?

Well then, all’s well that ends well for both girls but there’s one person who’s not happy about this…

Yeah, I’m talking about the Bookmaker as Kou Satomi is disappointed towards Chinatsu that he wants her disappear. But first, the Bookmaker will have a BATTORU against Suzuko on the final episode!

Honestly, I feel that this won’t end well for both Suzuko and Chinatsu!

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