Sangatsu no Lion Episode #10

Kyouko Kouda, Rei Kiriyama’s step-sister who might have the good looks, but her heart is filled with poison that it sickens him!

By the way, since we’re getting closer to Christmas Day, it’s time to talk about Rei’s childhood memories where he got a shogi set from his step-father Masachika Kouda.

As for Masachika’s children, they gave them toys instead as he wants to focus on molding Rei’s shogi career.

But now let’s go back to the present as Rei Kiriyama has a match against a 6th Dan player named Yasui, who has a habit of drinking or gambling whenever he loses a match.

Unfortunately, Yasui’s wife had enough of his tirades and thus she filed for divorce. Also, his wife is gonna take custody of their daughter, who made a promise to her dad that they’ll spend their last Christmas together. Of course, will Yasui keep his promise to her daughter upon winning against Kiriyama?

Well, not quite for Yasui as he made a costly mistake. And afterwards, it goes downhill from here as Yasui is forced to surrender.

With that said, seems that he won’t be bothering to see his daughter for one last time!

However, Rei-kun doesn’t want Yasui-san breaking bad after a humiliating loss as Kiriyama rushed towards his opponent to not only return the gift, but urges him to see his daughter no matter what.

Sadly for Yasui, he’s pretty much bitter about his defeat. Heck, he just snatched his daughter’s present from Kiriyama and I bet he’ll throw it away out of frustration.

I have to say that unlike the previous episode where Shouichi Matsunaga got a happy ending as he won’t retire, Yasui is a lost cause now that he’s all alone!

As for Kiriyama, seems that he blames himself for bringing misery towards his opponents, even weaker ones. Even though it’s all part of the game, the fact that Rei’s frustration has reached its tipping point and therefore broke down in tears.

All I can say that it’s the most powerful episode I’ve ever seen during this series run. ranging from Yasui snatching his daughter’s gift from Kiriyama to having our protagonist having a break down. It was a great episode to watch, but I feel that I want Rei-kun to become strong both mentally and emotionally!

Well then, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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