Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode #12

Here it is, the conclusion for this anime series about witches during the Second World War. While Izetta will have a final confrontation with Sophie, Sieghart Müller, Bianca, and Archduchess Ortfiné have some things to do like intruding the conference in Neue-Berlin.

But first of all, here’s Sieg as he lures the Germanian soldiers so that Archduchess Finé and Bianca can sneak into the conference. Of course, Sieg will have a lot of trouble up ahead…

…as he encountered Jonas. Well, it was just Sieg’s imagination, but this “Jonas” shot him after Sieg got startled about his return… or should I say his presence.

But with that said, Sieghart Müller has been killed on the spot. Well, that’s what he get for killing Jonas!

Meanwhile, Arnold Berckmann has decided to move away from Germania as his research and experiments on witches is finally over.

Of course, Basler is very angry at Berckmann over his betrayal that he attempts to shoot him down. Whether Basler killed Berckmann or not remains to be seen…

Now let’s move onto the final battle between Sophie and Izetta. While Izetta plans to stop the artificial White Witch and the missile in one fell swoop, seems that Finé’s White Witch is having trouble dealing with Sophie as it soon revealed that Prince Matthias ordered the handover of Sophie to the inquisition, fearing that Eylstadt might become a country of heretics.

But regardless of whether Sophie’s claim is true or not, it seems that Finé wants to fix the mistakes of her ancestors by entrusting her country (and the whole world) in Izetta’s hands. Then again, the Archduchess fears that she might lose her dear friend in the process. So while these two witches are fighting…

…seems that Germania has a spare White Witch to use as this Sophie clone launched the Exenium bomb, which will be detonated at Landsbruck, Eylstadt as scheduled.

Honestly, Sophie won’t like having another clone being used as a launching device. Then again, the fact that Sophie and her clones have their limits.

Now then, Archduchess Finé and Bianca have finally arrived at the conference. While the Allied Powers are feared at the sheer power of the Exenium bomb, Finé assured to them that Izetta will stop the bomb and Sophie.

Of course, the ambassador from the United States of Atlanta are concerned that Eylstadt will become the only country to have witches in which his country plans to crush the principality, the Archduchess told the Atlantan ambassador that there would be no witches nor magic will exist across the world…

…as Izetta is planning to siphon the whole leylines across Europe, as well as anything that’s powered by magic which includes Sophie and the bomb.

Oh, and Izetta will make a giant magic ball after sucking every leyline on the planet, which in turn make a great explosion!

Even though her life will be at risk, Izetta will make sure that she’ll be the last White Witch on Earth. Sucks for Sophie though as the clone will die too.

Not only Sophie, but also her spare body and the Exenium bomb which will be rendered useless without magic.

Well, Fuhrer Otto will be screwed now that Germania won’t have magic at their arsenal!

In any case, Izetta have managed to saved the world from the brink of tyranny by the Germanian Empire.

Then again, Archduchess Finé won’t be seeing her friend again… Just kidding, they’ll be reunited once the war is over.

Speaking of the war, it’ll be followed by real-life events from World War 2 with the United States of Atlanta joined in 1941 and destroyed Germania together with the Volga Federation. During the siege at Neue-Berlin, Fuhrer Otto was killed by his aide Elliot but will never know if he’s related to the Mölders family.

As for Arnold Berckmann, he retreated to Atlanta but not before losing an eye from Basler… and a punch from Sieghart. Still, I rather have Berckmann executed over his war crimes. Regardless, even though Shuumatsu no Izetta was a spectacular anime series due to it’s animation quality, I feel that some questions during this series remains unanswered, especially for both Izetta and Finé as the staff didn’t want to show their reunion in full detail. I guess we’ll use our imagination for that!

Anyway, it’s time for me to close this series out. Farewell, Ortfiné and Izetta!

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