WWW.Working!! Episode #12

Seems that after what happened in the previous episode, Masahiro Adachi is acting strangely due to the fact that he’s shocked to see Hana Miyakoshi on top of Daisuke Higashida.

Oh and as for Takuya Kouno, let’s just say that he won’t have a boke and tsukkomi routine with Adachi…

…especially when his head is in the clouds! Also, that’s not a nice joke coming from Adachi where his hand is placed on a hot frying pan.

Anyways, Masahiro-san went to Sayuri Muranushi’s apartment as they want to talk about their relationship on whether to continue it or break up.

Y’know, I feel bad for Adachi as he’s stuck to an eccentric girl like Muranushi…

…especially when she has a fork where Sayuri could stab Masahiro to death!

But you know what, here’s something that can solve everything in this situation.

All he needs to do is to make a surprise kiss towards Muranushi.

Well, at least Sayuri is stunned about it, but I don’t know if that kiss will make it worse for Adachi in the long run!

Meanwhile, Daichi Saitou has caught Yuuta Shindou’s father at the pachinko parlor.

C’mon, Yuuta’s dad is a gambling addict and he’s the one who blew all of the family funds (and their meat shop business) to pachinko! Now, the Kamakura family will teach him a lesson and he’ll be sent to the sea to catch some tuna.

Still, that doesn’t solve Yuuta Shindou’s relationship with Shiho Kamakura, as she’s bent on killing her childhood friend and sell his organs off.

But you know what, here’s something that can solve- Well, you know this already…

How about Yuuta kissing Shiho in the forehead. Yeah, she likes being the masochist when Yuuta is acting like a sadist!

Also, seems that Shiho won’t go home to her papa as she wants to be with her childhood friend… for his organs. Un Shiho-chan, did you know that Yuuta-kun is working at the host club? His liver might not be in good shape.

By the way, looks like Yuuta’s dad has returned after catching tuna to sell.

Now that he has the money, Mr. Shindou will use it… to play pachinko!

Then again, Yuuta-kun doesn’t give a fuck about his father and his gambling addiction. Might as well put his dad to Shiho’s father for a lifelong fishing career to clear off his family’s debt!

Anyways, I’ll see you on December 25 for the final episode of WWW.Working!! See ya next time…

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