Fune wo Amu Episode #11

Let’s start this episode with Masashi Nishioka as he has two daughters apart from being a successful vice chief at the marketing department.

Oh yeah, and did you know that Masashi is married to his long-time live-in partner Remi Miyoshi. Yeah, I feel that it’s starting to become a fairy tale ending!

Meanwhile, both Kouhei Araki and Mitsuya Majime visited the Matsumoto residence to see Tomosuke-san.

While he’s still resting at his own home and in good spirits, it’s revealed that Tomosuke-san has cancer in his esophagus which is unfortunate as he’s looking forward to see The Great Passage released in Spring!

On the other hand, Tomosuke Matsumoto told both Majime and Araki about his reflection on how they finally finished their life-long work without financial support from a public entity, something that Fumihiko Otsuki did in his life where he edited and published his own dictionaries without the help from the government.

However, there’s an upside to it as Matsumoto believes that it gives them the freedom to show and express those words to others without compromise, which Tomosuke-san took pride of it in his lifetime as editor. This is the last time that both Kouhei Araki and Mitsuya Majime talked to their colleague.

Shortly afterwards, Tomosuke Matsumoto passed away in his home and everyone felt devastated to hear it…

…which includes Mitsuya Majime as he lost a dear mentor. After all, they worked together to finish Genbu Shobo’s magnus opus.

Still, the only thing that he can do right now is get comforted by his wife Kaguya as tears flow down to his cheeks.

Regardless to the unfortunate circumstances, Majime and his team must move forward to the dictionary’s publication.

Thanks to Matsumoto’s guidance, people like Masashi Nishioka and Midori Kishibe have changed because of him and the dictionary editorial department managed to finish The Great Passage from concept…

…to its completion. For the dictionary editorial department, their lifelong effort has finally paid off now that the dictionary is ready to be sold in bookstores nationwide.

Of course, Mitsuya Majime and his team will continue working with the dictionary through various revisions and such.

This includes Masashi Nishioka where he did a great job convincing the higher-ups to have The Great Passage get off the ground. Even though his team will be busy marketing the dictionary, Nishioka is grateful to work with Majime. After all, they complement each other even though both of them are in different departments.

Well, that’s the end of Fune wo Amu and while I’m saddened regarding Tomosuke Matsumoto’s passing, the series itself did gain a happy ending and I feel that the show is far better than either Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress or BATTERY in the noitamina anime block… unless the next show will be better than this. Overall, Fune wo Amu is one of the best shows in Fall 2016 and I’m glad that I’ve watched it.

And now, I’ll end this post where Mitsuya and Kaguya are seeing the cherry blossoms bloom from a distance. I’m gonna miss this show!

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