Occultic;Nine Episode #10

Well, seems that this show has some weird people wearing Noh masks lately, but it turns out that these people are part of The Society of Eight Gods of Fortune…

…which they’re purging all 256 victims as they found out that these wandering souls are not contributing to the cult’s latest plan. Of course, some of these victims are trying to stop The Society of Eight Gods of Fortune.

But now, let’s focus on Ryoka Narusawa as it turns out that she’s the voice behind Zonko, which came from Yuuta’s Sky Sensor portable radio. Not only that, but it appears that Ryoka’s real name is Aveline Narusawa Tesla, the daughter of the famous scientist Nikola Tesla.

Yeah, this series has gone to alternate history as one of the inventors of alternating current has a daughter, something that the real-life Nikola Tesla didn’t have in his lifetime. Also, it turns out that Aveline is actually a ghost who borrows Ryo-tas’ body through the power of electromagnetism or should I say radio waves (or both).

Gotta say that I’m blown away that ghosts are made from electromagnetic waves, although it’s not proven yet in the real world.

Of course, if Yuuta couldn’t believe what Ryo-tas or Avaline said, she can just shoot her ray gun at Gamotan. Poya-gun, no~!

Then again, Ryoka or Avaline’s gun has a bit of a secret…

…as it turns out that the gun is actually a miniaturized Wardenclyffe Tower, although its functions are slightly different from real-life as the Wardenclyffe Gun can shoot electromagnetic waves onto a person who has scandium and has become an astral being after death.

Wait a minute, I feel that all of those times where Ryo-tas shoots Gamotan with her Poya-gun is actually keeping him alive. Well, his astral body of course, but it appears that The Society of Eight Gods of Fortune are in big trouble as not only the Wardenclyffe Gun is in Ryoka’s possession, but the key that was located from Isayuki Hashigami’s mouth is in Yuuta’s hands.

By the way, I forgot to tell you that the Wardenclyffe Gun has a keyhole at the bottom of the pistol grip and I believe that the key would fit there, but we’ll never know what comes next after Yuuta inserted it.

Meanwhile, both Sarai Hashigami and Touko Sumikaze have found some clues that will solve this ongoing mystery. So while they found out that Ryoka Narusawa is one of Nikola Tesla’s ancestors, but the whole Narusawa family is connected to a powerful conglomerate who owns various hospitals and clinics in Musashino.

Apart from that, Sarai has finally crack the code that was left by his father. With a little bit of decryption that average joes couldn’t understand, Sarai told both Touko-san and Miyuu that they’re once patients from various hospitals owned by the Musashino Medical Group and some of the staff there injected scandium during their treatment.

Speaking of scandium, looks like I’ve finally understand what’s going on as the Narusawa family have strong ties to The Society of Eight Gods of Fortune. Well, they’re actually leaders of that cult organization, but I’m feeling that Ryoka or Avaline wants to stop her family from completing Nikola Tesla’s failed experiment for world domination.

Anyways, I’m gonna end this episode with a certain person making a return after a long absence. I’m talking about Ririka Nishizono but wait a minute, she has a shadow in which astral bodies don’t have it. Could it be that Ririka… actually returned to her lifeless body?

It turns out, she did regained control of her own body. Still, I have a bad feeling that Ririka-san would cause more trouble again on the next episode…

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