Occultic;Nine Episode #11

Hey guys and girls, it’s the penultimate episode and while we don’t know what Ririka Nishizono is up to after getting her body back, Yuuta Gamon has brought Aveline Narusawa Tesla to meet with the gang.

It turns out that Aveline’s father Nikola is researching about communication with the spirit realm. Heck, even Nikola’s rival Thomas Edison is researching it too, much to Aveline’s frustration as Edison is discrediting Tesla back then. Oh yeah, there’s more information regarding Nikola Tesla as he helped Japan on its recovery after the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, which in turn got funded by the Narusawa clan in exchange for his research.

Of course, Sarai Hashigami couldn’t believe that Nikola Tesla has a daughter who is actually possessing Ryoka’s body at the moment. After all, he’s a skeptic when it comes to the super-natural… at first.

Oh yeah, let’s talk about Aveline as it’s confirmed that she’s planing to stop the head of the Narusawa family Teruo (or the Emperor) from using her father’s research for nefarious purposes.

By the way, remember the guy who briefly appeared in Episode 4? Well, the guy in the pink shirt is named Kouhei Izumi who is the owner of the Cafe Blue Moon.

In any case, Asuna Kisaki brough Kouhei Izumi in the cafe to ask some questions…

…including Ryoka Narusawa since she’s connected to her family and their shady business.

At first, Asuna asked Ryo-tas (or Aveline) some questions about the various incidents that are connected to her family. However, it soon took a sudden turn…

…as Kouhei Izumi donned a masked and he’s now wielding a streamer that’s effective against spirits. Yeah, I think that Izumin is part of The Society of Eight Gods of Fortune and I forgot to tell that Cafe Blue Moon is actually an abandoned place.

But wait, there’s more to that as Kouhei Izumi killed both Isayuki Hashigami and Koresuke Gamon as he sees them as nuisance towards the cult’s goals, especially when it comes to Emperor Teruo’s plan of achieving immortality and complete domination of all mankind. Well, that makes sense but this guy is dangerous!

So, it’s up to Gamotan on stopping Izumin from killing everybody who are involved on this mess. With a little help from Aveline’s Wardenclyffe Gun, Yuuta is powered up…

…physically punch Izumin until he’s out cold. Well, the reason why Yuuta is in that state is because he’s actually special.

You see, Yuuta Gamon has an Orphan Receptor which he can store electromagnetic force via the Wardenclyffe Gun and/or his Sky Sensor portable radio, which is modified by his father Koresuke by inserting a Tesla coil in order discharge all of the stored electromagnetic force from Yuuta into a single target.

It sounds complicated, but Aveline believes that Gamotan is the only person who can stand up against the whole Narusawa clan. In any case, Kouhei Izumi is finally defeated and now he’s been apprehended by the police, although I fear that the police force is also controlled by Teruo Narusawa and his cult organization in which they’ll set Izumin free.

Meanwhile, here’s both Kiryu Kusakabe and Aria Kurenairo as they can’t do business now that they’re ghosts. Of course, Kiryu wasn’t included in the Inokashira Park incident because he left his own body prior to that mass suicide that happened at that park.

On the other hand, here’s Shun Moritsuka as he found out that Kiryu Kusakabe was once received a transplant from Aria or should I say Ria’s brother Takaharu Minase.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about the previous episode that Kiryu has somewhat inherited Takaharu’s memories due to the fact that Kusakabe got one of his organs.

Now then, let’s go back to the cafe where Aveline discusses about destroying a structure called the Odd Eye that was installed at an abandoned US air base.

Fortunately for Aveline Narusawa Tesla, she got all of the items needed to stop Emperor Teruo’s plans like the special key that was plucked from Isayuki Hashigami’s mouth and Yuuta Gamon’s Sky Sensor portable radio.

Sadly, it turns out that these two important items turned into a puff of smoke. It turns out that after Gamotan somewhat lost the key and the radio after getting out of his physical body, and what he got was actually nothing more than astral items.

So, looks like he and his friends are in deep shit right now after losing these items that’ll be essential on stopping the New World System! In any case, I’ll see you on the final episode!

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