Stella no Mahou Episode #11

Here’s the SNS Club working overnight for their latest game titled Stardust Intenzione, an epic sci-fi/love story based on Iris-sensei’s legendary novel!

Everybody is eager to finish the game, especially for Minaha as she loves Iris-sensei’s work.

Suddenly, Natsu Iino paid a visit to Shiina Murakami’s apartment to find a certain person.

Said person happened to be none other than Minaha and- Wait, I thought Minaha has Teru Hyakutake as her sister? I guess I was mistaken…

With that said, Natsu took Minaha home due to curfew and not only that, their grandmother is very angry at Minaha for flunking the exams and staying up late at someone’s house.

Oh yeah, and they’re riding a limousine. Wait a minute, Natsu and Minaha’s family are rich!?

Still, Tamaki Honda won’t let Minaha leave the group withouh finishing her work. So, she and Ayame Seki went to Minaha’s house…

…which is actually a mansion that’s bigger than the Honda residence. Wow, the Iino family are freaking rich!

Anyways, Natsu told Minaha that they followed their family’s traditions, especially their grandmother who wants both girls to excel and behave as ladies.

Also, Natsu is questioning Minaha on why she needs to spend her time and effort on a project that she loves, something that Minaha couldn’t answer it right away.

But, Ayame-sempai told Natsu that creating self-published work isn’t just a hobby, it’s because it’s fun to make one if you have a passion.

Heck, Ayame Seki will prove that when she recites one of her previous works, albeit slightly embarrassed since Ayame’s works are very ahead of its time.

Still, Minaha is impressed by it but then again, she won’t know that Ayame Seki and Iris-sensei are the same person.

Well, I hope Natsu will understand about Minaha’s passion and drive to work a doujin game for the SNS Club. Of course, Minaha will have to get a high score in the exam first.

Meanwhile, seems that Tamaki is somewhat depressed after the events that unfolded in the Iino residence.

I guess she’s affected to what Natsu said, but there’s one person who can cheer Tamaki up!

Well, it’s none other than Teru Hyakutake as she told Tamaki to have fun while working. Yeah, just like how Ayame-sempai said earlier!

But thanks to Teru’s help, Tamaki-chan is motivated to draw some old guys- Oh wait, the best old guy she could ever have much like her father.

On the other hand, here’s Minaha as she caught Tamaki on her way back home.

Well, it was a coincidence after all and Minaha can’t help but to have her character design done.

With that said, time for both of them to finish their character designs at Tamaki’s house. Of course, there’s one important guest joining in…

And that’s none other than Teru Hyakutake where she do… nothing! Really, I thought that she’s gonna help both girls on designing characters!?

Well then, I’ll see you on the final episode. One more thing, looks like Natsu and her grandmother will get angry again as Minaha didn’t go home before curfew hits.

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