Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Episode #11

Well everyone, looks like Kazuma Mutsumi is the real threat to everyone who are vying for Kae Serinuma’s heart.

So much that Nozomu Nanashima stepped in to tell the student teacher that he can’t lay a hand on Serinuma!

Of course, Kazuma-san will have to lay his hand on Nanashima instead, something that Nozomu got goosebumps upon having his cheek held up by the student teacher.

Still, it doesn’t matter for both Kae-chan and Nishina as they’re seeing a rare pairing between Kazuma Mutsumi and Nozomu Nanashima!

In any case, looks like Kae’s harem will have a hard time taking Kazuma out. But, there’s one who can stop this student teacher and that’s his brother Asuma.

Then again, Asuma couldn’t gain the upper-hand against his older brother as Kazuma put him inside a locker.

Oh and to make it worse for Asuma, Kazuma-san sealed everything with duct tape in which his younger brother will get scared of being locked up in darkness.

By the way, Asuma is afraid of total darkness when he was a child when Kazuma made a horrible prank at him. Yeah, I’m sure that I feel bad for Asuma now!

Fortunately, Yuusuke Igarashi and his buddies have rescued Asuma-sempai from having a mental breakdown in the dark, but still it seems that Asuma is determined to stop his brother’s advances towards Kae Serinuma…

…by playing a Sengoku era-themed card game called Guard the Castle. Well, looks like Kazuma is fired up as he wears Kanetsugu Naoe’s helmet upon accepting Asuma’s challenge!

Meanwhile, the boys plus Nishina Shima are cheering Asuma-sempai on his victory over his brother.

Of course, it won’t be easy for Asuma as Kazuma is slightly better in terms of everything!

Now the, let’s get onto the game shall we as Asuma Mutsumi goes for his final attack against his brother Kazuma, although he would need a little bit of trickery to work it out…

…like setting up a trap card where Asuma feigned his defeat, only to have his trump cards go for the kill.

Well, think of it as Asuma having a body double while sending ninjas to assassinate his older brother. But hey, it did work!

And then, the battle went silent afterwards… Of course, it’s clear that Asuma Mutsumi is the winner against Kazuma Mutsumi!

For Serinuma’s harem, it was a celebration they won’t forget as the cool student teacher was usurped by a younger foe.

Then again, they don’t know what’s going on during their battle between brothers.

For these two brother, they have no hard feelings after the battle. I mean, Kazuma was impressed by Asuma’s determination to protect someone.

But now, it’s time for Asuma to give thanks to the support that he got…

…especially Kae Serinuma where Asuma-sempai admits that he really loves her. Still, we don’t know which boy would end up winning Kae’s heart unless she decides to stick with the status quo.

In any case, the next episode will be the final one and I feel that it’ll be an open-ended one due to her fujoshi tendencies.

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