Brave Witches Episodes #10 & #11

This post will cover both episodes and while Naoe Kanno is starting to recognize Hikari Karibuchi as her partner, seems that the higher-ups have decided to end the Neuroi threat in Orussia once and for all.

Anyways, this is Field Marshal Manstein who will facilitate in the upcoming large operation simply called Freyja.

Now then, Operation Freyja will consists of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing escorting a secret weapon that’ll destroy a Neuroi nest called Grigori.

By the way, these are the weapons that’ll be used in Operation Freyja. Constructed by Karlsland, these two railway guns named Gustav and Dora are specifically-made to fire magic-imbued shells against Grigori.

Of course, locating the core of the Neuroi nest would be tricky and so Field Marshal Manstein will have someone do that job. And everyone of you will be expecting Hikari Karibuchi to locate Grigori’s core, right? Not exactly!

Because it turns out tha Takami Karibuchi will do the dangerous task of searching the core.

Also, seems that she’s not happy to see Hikari being enlisted in the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing just because her younger sister volunteered to become her replacement.

In any case, Takami Karibuchi told Hikari to pack her bags and transfer to Kauhava Base in Suomus. Of course, the truth is that she doesn’t want Hikari being exposed to further danger.

But for Hikari Karibuchi however, she refuses as Hikari wants to fight alongside her sister. That’s when Squadron Leader Gundula Rall decided to have a match between sister in order to see who will stay in Orussia, and it’s a perfect time too…

…as the Neuroi from Episode 8 has returned. Yeah, it’s gonna be a tough boss fight for the Brave Witches.

But for Takami Karibuchi, it’ll be a piece of cake as her ability can locate the core accurately.

While she’s a bit rusty, Takami shows that her skills didn’t get dull much!

With that said, Takami Karibuchi has located the core and the rest destroyed it.

Although it was difficult to pinpoint its location since the Neuroi has a core within a core, Takami did so well on her first sortie after being out for 3 months. Now then, what happened to Hikari Karibuchi?

Well, seems that Hikari Karibuchi didn’t get the right coordination in time and worst of all, she got knocked out by a Neuroi which sends her plummeting to the ground.

Fortunately, Takami rescued Hikari but it’s game over for the younger sibling!

With that said, Hikari is going to Suomus and she’s joined by both Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen and Sanya V. Litvyak.

It’s sucks that she’ll be at the sidelines while Operation Freyja has begun.

Anyways, what you’re seeing is the Neuroi nest called Grigori where it’s surrounded by clouds.

Now, the Gustav railway cannon have already fired its shell to clear up the clouds that surrounds the nest.

Once the clouds are cleared, its true form is revealed and it’ll be tough one to hit should Grigori intercepted the magic shells.

Anyways, it’s up to the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing on guarding the railway guns while Takami Karibuchi is searching the core.

Of course, the Neuroi won’t get upstaged by mere witches…

So, Grigori made its move by destroying the Dora railway gun, rendering it inoperable.

While Gustav is still intact since, it’ll take a long time to load the magic shells.

But you know what, the Brave Witches can’t wait that long so they decided to lift the shell by hand…

…which will be tossed by Takami once she finished adjusting her aim towards the core.

Who needs railway guns when these witches can do dangerous things to complete their mission!

Anyways, Grigori has finally destroyed after the magic shell made contact to the core.

For the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, it was a major achievement as Orussia has finally liberated, especially when you considered Takami Karibuchi as the ace of Operation Freyja!

Sadly though, their celebration was cut short as Grigori has been regenerated. It turns out that the Neuroi nest has a true core within a core that’s constantly moving around.

And to make matters worse, seems that Grigori has learned its lesson as the nest masked its core location, rendering Takami’s eye ability useless to the point that she’ll resort to using her Absolute Eye magic.

This prompted Hikari Karibuchi to act as she worried that Takami won’t wake up again after using her Absolute Eye.

Regardless of whether she’ll get punished or not, Hikari wants to save her elder sister from falling into a coma or death if it gets worse!

In any case, Hikari will have to go to the battlefield on foot as she doesn’t have a Striker Unit to use.

Let’s hope that on the final episode, Hikari can save Takami and defeat Grigori at the same time!

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