Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Episode #12

Well everyone, it’s the final episode of Watashi ga Motete Dousunda and after what happened to the previous episode, looks like the rest of Kae Serinuma’s haremettes are in an uproar as Asuma Mutsumi makes his move!

As much as Asuma-sempai getting a bit bold after defeating his brother Kazuma, I feel that it’s a good move from him as he doesn’t want getting stuck in the status quo in regards to his relationship with Kae-chan.

But thanks to Mutsumi’s actions, Yuusuke Igarashi and the rest followed suit as they told Kae-chan “I like you!”, which Serinuma felt speechless over it.

Gotta say that her fujoshi heart couldn’t handle their answer very much!

In fact, she went to Amane Nakano for help as Kae-chan couldn’t make a clear response to those 4 boys and Nishina Shima.

However, A-chan told Kae-chan to spend her time with her harem and see who’s the better person. Still, I feel that Amane Nakano is just an extra to this final episode!

Anyways, time for the main event as Kae Serinuma will choose which person shall become her lover.

But you know what, I already know the answer…

…as Kae-chan chooses her favorite character Shion from Mirage Saga, which will have another season and she’s overjoyed to see Shion (or his twin) return.

As for the rest? Well, they got a dull response as status quo reigns supreme! I guess Serinuma is into 2D characters for now.

And that’s the end of Watashi ga Motete Dousunda! Well, it was a nice adaptation and I enjoyed the heck of that show! Too bad that we’ll never know what Kae Serinuma’s romantic partner will be, but I’m glad that it’s over…

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