Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode #12

“Reveal. I must show everyone the Selector BATTORU!”

Here’s Hanna Mikage as she meets Donna at a cafe while writing about the secrets of the Selector Battles. Even though everyone would tell her not to reveal it, Hanna has the determination to tell the whole world on how Mayu created it in the first place!

Speaking of Selector Battles, here’s one right now as Suzuko and Ril must face her toughest opponent…

…who is none other than Kou “Bookmaker” Satomi and his LRIG Carnival. C’mon, Kou Satomi is nothing more than a cheating asshole who tramples anyone’s feelings!

On the other hand though, I’m curious to see where did the Bookmaker came from since he’s originally a LRIG.

In any case, this is what I call a “cancer match” as this BATTORU will determine who’ll be the last Selector standing.

Of course, Satomi-san will just cheat his way out to torment Suzuko given that his Joker ability can change card attributes or even use someone’s ability at his opponent.

Oh yeah, and here’s Carnival’s real face as she showed it to both Suzuko and Ril. But then again, this could be the last time that she showed her face to her opponents.

Still, it appears that both Suzuko Homura and Ril are facing defeat at this point!

That’s until Chinatsu Morikawa and Mel decided to help both Suzuko Homura and Ril on winning the BATTORU, although it’ll count as interference unless the system doesn’t care for such things.

Anyways, Chii-chan gave her one coin to Suzuko so she can activate another ability…

…which is named Requiem as it combines both Honest and Berserk abilities. Of course, it doesn’t function that way as Requiem is glorified desperation attack.

Gotta say, the fact that Chinatsu betting her life to help Suzuko and beat the Bookmaker… was the most awesome thing I’ve ever saw on this series!

With that said, Ril goes all-in for this final attack against Carnival. Who will win this BATTORU, Suzuko Homura or Kou Satomi?

Well, turns out that the Bookmaker has met his end. Not only that, but the field is starting to crack after Kou Satomi’s defeat!

But even though the Bookmaker will disappear, the despair and suffering surrounding the Selector Battles won’t end.

In fact, Carnival will continue to torment everyone once she took over Kou Satomi’s body. I smell a sequel there…

With that said, Suzuko Homura is finally freed from doing BATTORU as she bids farewell to her LRIG Ril.

Throughout their journey, I feel that Ril will definitely miss Suzuko as her life was completely changed. So, Suzuko decides to remember Ril in her heart for going through hardships!

On the other hand, it seems that it’s the end of the line for Chinatsu Morikawa as she’s out of gold coins.

But just before losing her existence, Chii-chan spends her remaining time with Suzuko so that she’ll leave without regrets. In any case, Mel takes over Chinatsu’s body…

Of course, seems that Suzuko wants to befriend Mel just like before when she made Chii-chan as her friends.

Well, this could be a start of another beautiful friendship between these two girls!

And that’s the end of Lostorage Incited WIXOSS as both Suzuko Homura and Mel (in Chinatsu Morikawa’s body) are leaving. Isn’t it great this shot is the most heart-warming thing I’ve ever saw?

Of course, I feel that Suzuko will be forced to do BATTORU again unless Takara Tomy and J.C.Staff decided to focus on Kiyoi Mizushima or a new character to face the revived Bookmaker. Only time will tell if they’ll announce the airing date of the sequel: Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS.

With that said, a new era in WIXOSS has begun and this one might have some plotlines unanswered for now, the BATTORU never ends no matter how hard you run away!

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