ViVid Strike! Episode #12

And here it is, the final episode of ViVid Strike where Einhart Stratos is ready for her sparring match…

…against a former champion Sieglinde Eremiah in preparation for defending her title. Gotta say, Einhart is pumped-up already!

Meanwhile, here’s both Rinne Berlinetta and Fuuka Reventon as they finally started talking to each other after that exhilarating fight from the previous 3 episodes.

I have to say, glad that they’re friends again thanks to Fuuka befriending the hell out of Rinne. But you know what’s interesting?

Well, the fact that their match is shown to some of their friends and countless have truly inspired them to throw their support at both girls.

This includes Fuuka’s former co-workers, Rinne’s family and classmates, everyone who cares about them… except for the bullies of course.

On the other hand, here’s Jill Stola as she had a conversation with Nove Nakajima just before the fight. Sure that Coach Jill believe in natural talent even though she hasn’t in her lifetime, but Nove told her that it’s okay to have an athlete win or lose as long as she can give her all and achieve her goals.

With that said, the story between Rinne Berlinetta and Fuuka Reventon is finally over and now it’s time for the championship match!

And here is the defending champion as Einhart Stratos has arrived to face her opponent, her disciple of the Hegemon-style martial arts Fuuka Reventon!

And here’s Fuuka as she’s ready to take her master down! Unfortunately, ViVid Strike! ends here just before the championship match commences. I guess that having the protagonist aiming for the Winter Cup is somewhat irrelevant as the spin-off shows Fuuka Reventon reaching Rinne Berlinetta from the depths of despair. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether Fuuka wins or loses against Einhart as she’s reunited with Rinne.

With that said, glad that Seven Arcs recaptured the essence from the previous series into ViVid Strike!, especially when Rinne Berlinetta is similar to Fate Testarossa minus the parental abuse. Still, I feel that I wanna see Seven Arcs make a sequel to Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid since A-1 Pictures left me hanging… Maybe after the 3rd movie, they’ll revisited Vivio Takamachi’s adventure.

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