Occultic;Nine Episode #12

Well everyone, looks like The Society of Eight Gods of Fortune are about to conduct a major experiment at an abandoned air base, where Emperor Takuo Narusawa will discard his physical body and control the whole world as an immortal!

After all, the Narusawa family backed Nikola Tesla up which in turn got all of his theories and it’ll used for nefarious purposes.

Meanwhile, here’s Asuna Kisaki as she went back to the morgue to check on Ririka Nishizono’s coffin, whose body got disappeared or let’s just say that Ririka got her body back due to some unexplained reasons.

Also, Shun Moritsuka is here but Asuna couldn’t feel his presence. Poor Moritsuka… Wait, I should not pity with that nosy bastard like Shun!

However, it appears that Nishizono left her sketchbook in which she draw two artwork. One is this drawing of an angel as Asuna saw it…

…and the other picture is a man getting shot by a woman with an unusual gun, which Yuuta Gamon and the rest got Ririka’s sketchbook from Kisaki as well as the Sky Sensor portable radio.

Could these two pieces of artwork be a prediction to what happens next? I mean, 99% of her drawings got it right albeit in a horrible manner!

Still, it’ll be doom and gloom for Aveline Narusawa Tesla now that the key for the Wardenclyffe Gun is missing.

The only thing that she could do is to sacrifice her life to stop the Odd Eye, which will activate on March 10 unless Takasu decided to hasten its activation of the New World System.

Fortunately by some unexplained reason, Gamotan got his key in which he used his imagination to get it from the lake in Inokashira Park. Well, I have to say that he lost the key after being attacked by a devil from Episode 3!

In any case, it turns out that Yuuta Gamon has another ability called mutual recognition, which Gamotan can remember the items that he held and teleport it to his hand.

But thanks to Gamotan’s ability, Aveline’s Wardenclyffe Gun has changed to its final form. Of course, what will be the use for the awakened Poya-gun apart from powering up Yuuta Gamon?

Well, Sarai Hashigami came up with a theory that he and the rest of the Inokashira Park victims are in a state where time has slowed down. However, despite being astral bodies upon being drowned on March 3, Sarai believes that they can rewind time in which they can regain their physical consciousness on that day. Basically, Sarai and the rest can get their bodies back much like Ririka Nishizono through the power of the Wardenclyffe Gun. Poya-gun, no~!

With that said, Aveline will use the Wardenclyffe Gun to send Sarai Hashigami and the rest of the gang back to March 3…

And behold, they got their bodies back. Too bad though that Yuuta Gamon decided to stay behind because he has one mission to take, something that Touko Sumikaze and Miyuu Aikawa are worried that they won’t see Gamotan again!

On the other hand, there’s Ririka Nishizono as Shun Moritsuka ask her some questions like how did she returned to her physical body.

Then again, Ririka-san is so mysterious that there’s no definite answer of her resurrection…

…or even her disappearance which they’re surprised to see that. Anyways, the mystery surrounding Nishizono will not be solved.

But let’s go back to both Gamotan and Aveline where they encountered Takasu, the sub-head of The Society of Eight Gods of Fortune who oversees the New World System.

Also, he’s aware that Yuuta Gamon is special due to having a Orphan Receptor in his body.

So much that Takasu has his trusty stream to erase Gamotan as he’s considered a threat to Emperor’s plans. Damn, this can’t be happening!

Fortunately though, Aveline gave Gamotan the kiss of life in order to rescue him from having his astral body dissipate.

In exchange, Aveline Narusawa Tesla is no more which means that Ryoka Narusawa has returned to her own body.

But thanks to Aveline’s sacrfice, Gamotan has returned and he’s brimming with electromagnetic force. Oh, and he got the key from the Wardenclyffe Gun…

…which Takasu got surprised that the gun he’s holding is pretty much useless towards his boss. Now that Gamotan is super-charged, time for Takasu to get his ass whooped!

Well, a punch to the face is enough for Takasu as he’s down for the count. Emperor Takuo’s right-hand man is out, now it’s time to destroy the Odd Eye!

Unfortunately for Yuuta Gamon, he might not make it in time as going from Kichijoji to Fuchu is very long.

By the time he arrived there, the New World System has finally activated!

Not until Gamotan saw both Kiryu Kusakabe and Aria Kurenairo, where it seems that Kiryu got devil wings to take Aria up. Come to think of it, I believe that what Gamotan saw on Episode 3 is actually Kusakabe all alone.

Still, Kiryu told Yuuta to use his imagination in order to get his wings to fly. Yeah, sounds easy but will it work?

Yes it does as Gamotas sprouted angel wings! Well, all I could say is that Ririka’s predictions are all true!

In any case, Yuuta Gamon has arrived at Fuchu… Well, he barely made it as the cult are hastening the New World System’s activation.

Now, the only thing that Gamotan can do is to use the Wardenclyffe Gun and his Sky Sensor radio to make a powerful wave…

…which would overload the Odd Eye until the structure explodes, killing everyone inside it.

Well, looks like Takuo Narusawa and The Society of Eight Gods of Fortune are dead. Then again, there’s Takasu as he might revive the cult religion should the Emperor failed to ascend his astral body into godhood!

As for Yuuta Gamon, it appears that he got caught in the blast and- Wait, I forgot that he’s an astral being now.

Sadly for him, Gamotan won’t return to his physical body as it turns out that there’s a time limit on going back to March 3. Which means that he’s stuck in his current state forever until the electromagnetic force within his body dissipates.

However, it appears that Gamotan is doing fine as he’s posting new articles on his Kiri Kiri Basara blog, something that his friends are happy that their trusted friend is writing stories… somewhere. Well, they won’t see him again in the flesh or even his ghost for that matter.

In any case, that’s about it for Occultic;Nine as it’s one hell of a ride on watching this show. Although I understand quite a bit like the cult organization and such, but I feel that some questions are left unanswered such as Ririka Nishizono, Shun Moritsuka’s boss…

…or even Yuuta Gamon’s body for that matter as it hints that he was placed in a cryogenic coffin at an undisclosed location. Whoever took his body is a complete mystery.

But apart from that, everything looked great from the audio-visual presentation to applying real-life scientific and mathematical methods like the Baudot Code. With that said, it’s a great anime adaptation of Chiyomaru Shikura’s light novel, but I feel that it needs more like having an epilogue or a sequel. Alas, I feel that it’ll never happen in the future.

Anyways, I’m done watching Occultic;Nine and it was a great ride watching Yuuta Gamon’s adventure!

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