Stella no Mahou Episode #12

Here’s the SNS Club again as they collaborate with Minaha Iino on finishing their latest game in time for Summer Comiket!

Eventually, the sci-fi/romance adventure game Stardust Intenzione has finally completed. Now, they only need to do is to sell it at the Tokyo Big Sight!

Anyways, it’s time for the finale of Stella no Mahou as both Tamaki and Minaha are going to Summer Comiket… in style of course as Natsu and her servant are taking them to Tokyo Big Sight!

Then again, would it be better if Tamaki Honda and Minaha Iino went there at an earlier time? I mean, everyone is attending Summer Comiket and they’ll have to line up from way back!

On the other hand, both girls met Yumine Fuda where she’s gonna buy BL doujinshi much like Kae Serinuma. Yeah, both girls are fujoshi!

Then again, Minaha has a grudge on Yumine and I feel that they won’t get along during the remainder of this episode… or even the whole series for that matter!

Meanwhile, Natsu Iino and her maid Tayama are relaxing at a cafe while watching the participants going to Tokyo Big Sight through the window.

Natsu is surprised that they’re into buying doujinshi and sometimes make one not only for themselves, but also for others who are interested. Of course, there’s one person who knows these kinds of stuff…

…and that’s none other than Teru Hyakutake as she was once made a doujin game during her time at the SNS Club.

Then again, Teru is just seeing her junior club members from afar and see how they’re doing.

Now then, Tamaki and Minaha arrived at the SNS Club Booth as the members are ready to sell their latest game.

Oh yeah, Shiina Murakami is here but it appears that she has a phobia of being stuck in crowd, so Shiina-sempai wore a gas mask so she won’t get passed-out from a large group of attendees. But you know what, Shiina looked silly in her gas mask to be honest!

With that said, Shiina took off her mask and started selling Stardust Intenzione right away, and it turns out that their latest game sold more than Magic of Stella.

Speaking of their previous game, it’s bundled with Stardust Intenzione together with some extras like an artbook and a soundtrack CD.

Meanwhile, looks like the woman from Episode 6 has arrived to check the SNS Club’s latest game.

I mean, she’s looking forward for Tamaki Honda’s character design since she requested a sketch back then.

But yeah, the female customer had a great time playing with Stardust Intenzione that she bought one copy of the game.

Well then, I’d say that the SNS Club got big gains for Summer Comiket and now it’s time for a celebration…

…by going to the beach as the club members swim and smash watermelons until they’re satisfied! C’mon, it’s summer vacation after all!

However, it appears that a certain Minaha has not been invited for this occasion even though she wore a bikini.

C’mon Ha-chan, why don’t you go out there and meet your friends instead of being a stalker!

Lastly, seems that Tamaki Honda has decided to make her own doujin game with some help of her club members plus Yumine Fuda and Minaha Iino, as she’s inspired to make one in her own vision after helping the SNS Club on creating two games. Yeah, glad that Tamaki has her own calling but that’s about it for Stella no Mahou as it ends on a happier note.

As always, this show is all about having fun of making doujin games although the members of the SNS Club exert a bit much on finishing it. So much that some has lack of sleep especially for both Shiina and Kayo, doing their club activities indoors all the time, and always sprinting back and forth to the clubroom when they have a deadline looming ahead. But you know what, what they did in the SNS Club is worth the effort!

In any case, I’ll end this episode right here as Tamaki Honda becomes the leader of the third game. Then again, I feel that we won’t get to see that in the future…

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