WWW.Working!! Episode #13

Well, it’s very late but here’s the final episode of WWW.Working!! and we start things off with Hana Miyakoshi!

Why did her body becomes white ash? Well, there’s a reason for that…

It turns out that she messed up her cooking that Hana-chan literally mess up her own house!

Honestly though, I feel that she needs to give up cooking because whenever Miyakoshi came up with something, it end up sending a person to the spirit realm.

However for Hana-chan, she doesn’t give up as Miyakoshi made some chocolate balls for Higashida.

Oh boy, let’s hope that it’ll be the last time that Daisuke eat Hana’s chocolate!

Surprisingly though, Higashida didn’t pass out as he told Miyakoshi that her chocolate tasted disgusting.

Well, it it disgusting but I’m surprised that Daisuke didn’t get an out-of-body experience.

Never mind, seems that Daisuke Higashida saw St. Valentine again, which means that he’s dead… or is it?

Just kidding, it turns out that St. Valentine applauded both Higashida and Miyakoshi for their mutual respect and possibly their love with one another.

Basically, both Daisuke and Hana-chan didn’t die as St. Valentine called it a miracle. Oh, and he told Miyakoshi to give up on cooking because let’s just say that St. Valentine won’t see her or Higashida again.

With that said, the patron saint of love and peace will bid farewell… until February 14 where St. Valentine will return on that special day!

And now, it’s time for the epilogue as it’s been 6 months after both Higashida and Miyakoshi saw St. Valentine for the last time. As you can see, everything has changed!

Let’s start with Rui Nagata as she not only cut her hair (RIP double bun hairstyle), but Rui-chan decided to give up on pursuing a relationship with Daisuke Higashida. Poor Naga-tan, I’m hoping that someone would treasure her…

On the other hand, here’s Miri Yanagiba as she decides not to attend school, something that Nagata felt worried about her estranged friend.

Oh yeah, and it appears that we’ll never know whether Yanagiba is a ghost or just that Miri has two spirits standing beside her.

Meanwhile, here’s Yuuta Shindou as he greets his two former co-workers Kouki Saiki and Takuya Kouno.

By the way, it turns out that Yuuta became a constructor worker thanks to Shiho Kamakura’s father arranging him for a decent job. Looks like his patron at the host club are going to miss Shindou!

On the other hand, Shiho Kamakura has changed from a sadistic mistress into a sweet little princess.

Well, I’d say that she supports Yuuta-kun since he vows to clear-off his family debt. Then again, Daichi Saitou will have to keep an eye on Shindou’s movement as he doesn’t want him laying a finger to Shiho-chan!

Oh yeah, here’s Masahiro Adachi as he plans to quit his job at Wagnaria to work at his family’s sushi restaurant, which is then followed by Sayuri Muranushi supporting him as Adachi offered her girlfriend a place to stay.

Well, glad that their relationship are starting to look good especially for Sayuri…

…where she’s smiling a lot instead of having a deadpan expression most of the time. Oh, and it’s genuine by the way!

Still, let’s hope that relationship will thrive further in the future… unless Masahiro screws it up in which Sayuri will stab him with a fork.

Also, here’s restaurant manager Kenichirou Sakaki and while he’s having a conversation with Kisaki Kondou, she told Kenichirou-san that there would be a time that the restaurant will have few employees.

Speaking of Kisaki-san, looks like she’s starting to get serious on her work, apart from having a hairstyle change of course!

And lastly, here’s both Daisuke Higashida and Hana Miyakoshi. Sure that they went through hell with their relationship, but Daisuke has decided to start over now that Hana-chan has settled on cooking cup noodles instead. Then again, it’ll be a bumpy ride on their relationship!

And that my friends is the end of WWW.Working!! and I have to say that it sure feels like the previous episodes of the main series. Then again, I feel that it has some issues like Hana’s horrible chocolate gag where it’s somewhat overused throughout the story. I guess that it has that gag is because it helps develop the plot for both Higashida and Miyakoshi. On the other hand, I feel that some characters needs some love like Kenichirou Sakaki, Takuya Kouno, and Kouki Saiki. Sure that the likes of Sayuri Muranushi and Yuuta Shindou are getting some development, but the rest are used much through this series.

Still, I had fun watching WWW.Working!! and if A-1 Pictures and Square-Enix made a sequel to it, sign me up… but I doubt that it’ll happen in the future.

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