Brave Witches Episode #12

Well, Takami Karibuchi has decided to use her Absolute Eye in order to find the core’s location, even though it’s dangerous.

Fortunately though, the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing is aware of that and thus protected Takami until she finally found it!

In any case, the Gustav railway cannon has fired its last AP shell towards the Neuroi nest…

…until Grigori formed its protective cloud to dismantle the shell.

Well, seems that Operation Freyja has officially failed now that they’re out of shell and they lost two of their railway guns!

Meanwhile, here’s Hikari Karibuchi as she rushed towards the battlefield and I have to say that she can now run on water.

Compared to previous episodes where her magic powers are weak, looks like Hikari has improved quite a lot!

Sadly, Hikari didn’t make it as her sister Takami got passed-out after using her Absolute Eye. She’s fine after being healed by Georgette Lemare, but Takami couldn’t fight anymore and it’s sucks that she showed her pathetic state to Hikari.

Still, Hikari Karibuchi won’t give up the fight as she can use her Contact Eye to locate Grigori’s core. However, the Brave Witches didn’t have enough firepower to destroy the nest even though Hikari located the core.

Luckily, Waltrud Krupinski found a magic crystal shard which will be used to clear the clouds surrounding Grigori.

Not only that, but they found the remains of the AP shell which has the magic crystal that’s essential to destroy the Neuroi nest’s core. Still, there’s no way to throw the crystal at the enemy and call it a day.

That’s where Hikari got an idea as she gave the gloves to Naoe Kanno.

Well, it’s supposed to be a farewell gift but it’ll be useful for Naoe…

…as the glove will absorb the crystal, making Kanno as a human bullet since she has her Tsurugi Issen technique.

In any case, looks like the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing are ready for Round 2!

After all, there’s no retreat nor surrender for these Brave Witches as Squadron Leader Gundula Rall leads the offensive…

…by shooting the red crystal strapped to a rocket-propelled grenade at the clouds, so that Hikari Karibuchi and Naoe Kanno can go inside the barrier and find Grigori’s core.

Now that they’re inside Grigori, it’s time for Hikari to use her Contact Eye to find the core since Takami couldn’t pinpoint its location.

Even though the risk are far greater, Hikari’s accuracy when using the Contact Eye is top-notch! Now that Hikari has found Grigori’s core…

…time for Naoe Kanno to use her Tsurugi Issen to destroy the Neuroi nest once and for all!

And there you have it as Naoe Kanno’s role as a human bullet has finally finished!

Sure that Naoe did massive damage, but it’s not enough to destroy the core as Kanno passed-out.

That’s where Hikari found a Liberator pistol where she absorb all of the energy from Naoe’s glove into this one final shot.

And lo and behold, Hikari Karibuchi finally did it as Grigori has finally destroyed and Orussia is saved!

Well, the Allied Forces are delighted that the Brave Witches have did the impossible, although their Striker Units are about to break due to their long fighting against the Neuroi nest.

Come to think of it, looks like all of them will be punished for breaking their Striker Units, including Aleksandra Ivanovna Pokryshkin. Then again, who’s gonna fix their unit during their punishment?

And now, it’s time for a reunion between sisters as Takami congratulates Hikari for completing the mission. Gotta say that Hikari’s older sister is very proud of her!

But that’s Brave Witches as Orussia is cleared from the Neuroi threat. However, the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing will have another battle on the horizon and thus, Hikari Karibuchi has officially joined the Brave Witches to help her friends on winning the war against the Neuroi!

Well, I’m done watching this Strike Witches spin-off by SILVER LINK. I have to say that I have fun watching Brave Witches as it focused more on the plot than the fanservice, although some fans prefer Strike Witches over spin-offs because of it. Also, the battle scenes are intense but it needs a better animation. Then again, I’m satisfied on the ending as the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing pulled all the stops!

Still, if SILVER LINK goes back to this series, let’s hope they continue focusing on the plot since it’s the main selling point for Brave Witches. If not, they could adapt other Joint Fighter Wings since Kadokawa are promoting the World Witches Series. Anyways, glad that Brave Witches got a great ending!

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