Sound! Euphonium 2 Episode #13

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the epilogue of Sound! Euphonium where kitauji High School’s Concert Band Club have selected the club’s vice-president and president.

In any case, Natsuki Nakagawa has succeeded Asuka Tanaka as vice-president, while Yuko Yoshikawa becomes president and it seems that she doesn’t like taking over Haruka Ogasawara’s post.

But you know what, Yuko-chan- Oh wait, Yuko-buchou will be fine in the next academic year.

Also, joke’s on her as Natsuki-fukubuchou begs on Yoshikawa on taking her president role seriously!

Meanwhile, both Noboru Taki and Michie Matsumoto are preparing for another shot at the national concert band competition for next year, all while reflecting to what they did to the concert band club throughout the year.

I have to say that Taki-sensei fully-reformed Kitauji as one of the contenders is a great and impressive achievement. Of course, he and his assistant teachers will have to find and train new recruits in April should they continue their shot at winning gold.

With that said, it’s time for the senior students to say goodbye to their juniors and teachers as they’re graduating from Kitauji High School.

We’ll never know what path they would take, but let’s hope that they won’t feel any regrets. Of course, there’s one person missing…

So, Kumiko Oumae ran in order to see Asuka-sempai. I mean, she has something to say about her!

And there she is as Asuka Tanaka is preparing for her college journey. Of course, Kumiko-chan wants to say her parting words to her senior…

It turns out that Kumiko didn’t like Asuka-sempai first, but then she gradually started to love her former vice-president, from her euphonium performance to her personality.

Well Kumiko-chan, looks like Reina Kousaka will be very jealous now that you love Asuka-sempai. That’s two love interests you have, three if Shuuichi Tsukamoto is counted!

Still, Asuka-sempai will visit Kitauji from time to time and also, seems that the former vice-president will have to give her treasured notebook to Kumiko-chan, which contained her father’s composition that’s simply titled as Sound! Euphonium. Yeah, let’s hope that Kumiko will play it to the new club members!

But that’s about it for Season 2 of Sound! Euphonium and I guess that we’ll never got to see Kitauji if they win gold or not. I’m still salty about getting bronze, but the concert band club has changed thanks to a few dedicated people who turned the school around into a contender to the nationals.

Apart from seeing good animation, focusing on some characters like Asuka Tanaka, Mizore Yoroizuka, and Mamiko Oumae is a big plus to me when watching Season 2. Other than than, it’s a great conclusion to one of the best anime shows from Kyoto Animation as they did a fantastic adaptation of the novel and I’ll never forget Sound! Euphonium for many years to come.

Even though we’ll never gonna see Kumiko Oumae and the rest of the concert band club, I wish them good luck on aiming for the nationals!

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