Akiba’s Trip -The Animation- Episode #01

And now, we’re gonna start Winter 2016 with an anime series made by Gonzo for their 25th anniversary celebration.

It’s based on concepts originally made from the game where our protagonist strips people until they’re freed from evil spirits. That’s Akiba’s Trip in a nutshell!

Anyways, our protagonist is a typical otaku named Tamotsu Denkigai. After all, you need a male lead to look like a loser instead of being the prince charming-like guy.

Also, he has a younger sister named Niwaka but let’s focus on Tamotsu’s encounter…

…with Matome Mayonaka where she’s hunting evil spirits called Bugged Ones.

There, Tamotsu got so curious on what Matome is doing that he’s involved in hunting down the Bugged Ones.

That’s until he got killed after protecting Matome from being stripped to shame.

Yeah, that’s sucks for this otaku who’s still a virgin and Tamotsu wants to do some stuff like getting a girlfriend (which is unlikely to happen) and collecting various figures! Poor Tamotsu Denkigai…

Luckily, Tamotsu was resurrected when Matome gives him the kiss of life while being humped by this mysterious girl. Not only he’s brought back to life, but Tamotsu gained superhuman strength to strip people who have become the Bugged Ones.

But that’s the first episode of Akiba’s Trip as Tamotsu Denkigai defeats a group of Bugged Ones by stripping them naked. Still, there’s more to come on the next episode!

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