Masamune-kun’s Revenge Episode #01

Here’s something that everyone is looking forward to see, SILVER LINK’s take on Hazuki Takeoka’s popular manga.

This is Masamune Makabe, a cool-looking guy who’s about to start his high school life. Of course, did you know that Masamune-kun wasn’t an ikemen back then?

Well, this is Masamune-kun when he was a snotty-nosed rich kid, who’s always being bullied by his peers because of his stout appearance.

Yeah, bullying is bad and I won’t tolerate such things. On the other hand, I wonder if he’s in touch with his father? But anyways, Masamune had a harsh childhood…

And to twist the knife further, Masamune was rejected by a girl who called him a Pig’s Foot due to being a fat kid.

This led Masamune to cut his weight to the point that he became a hot guy! But wait, are you curious to see who’s the girl that broke Masamune’s heart?

Why it’s none other than Aki Adagaki, a rich girl who hates men so much that she call them names… that aren’t nice. Heck, Aki-sama got carried away by insulting guys that one male student threatened to cut her hair. Scary stuff!

Of course, Makabe won’t do such physical harm towards Adagaki as he’ll resort to dating her… and then dump her in the most cruelest way possible as Masamune knows her secret, which reveals that Aki-sama is a big eater.

Honestly, that’s not a good excuse to flat-out reject Aki-sama, but will Masamune-kun’s revenge become successful? We’ll never know until the next episode! Still, it’s a good anime series and let’s hope that it’ll continue this way until the end.

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