Fuuka Episode #01

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s an anime series by Diomedia in which the studio adapted from one of Kouji Seo’s latest manga. As much as I found myself laugh my ass off after watching both Mayoiga and Girlish Number, let’s hope that they got this one right!

Anyways, let’s start this series with Yuu Haruna who recently moved to Tokyo and he’s somewhat obsessed with Twitter. As much as he looks at his phone all the time, Yuu-kun should pay attention to his surroundings…

…like this girl in front of him. Yeah, this won’t end well for Yuu-kun!

But there you have it as Yuu Haruna got pounced by the blue-haired girl. Remember guys, don’t tweet while crossing the street or you’ll get into trouble.

But then again, seems that he’s got into trouble already as the girl accused him of taking photos of her panties.

Well Yuu-kun, you should have put your phone to your pocket in the first place!

And so, this blue-haired girl slammed Yuu’s phone to the ground. Also, you can see her panties right there!

Oh, and she slapped Yuu-kun and called him a pervert, even though he’s always checking Twitter all the time.

So anyways, this girl is named Fuuka Akitsuki who is the daughter of the main couple from Suzuka. Yes, I remember that show but I didn’t bother reading the rest of the manga anyway, however it appears that Fuuka has inherited some athletic talent from her parents. Maybe in the future, I might see how Yamato and Suzuka became adults in the future…

For now, it appears that Yuu Haruna apologized to Fuuka Akitsuki and he returned the CD that was dropped after that accidental meeting.

Well, at least Yuu-kun is a gentlemen since he’s not into taking photos of girls showing their panties. Then again, he saw it before…

Afterwards, they became friends to the point that Fuuka gave him a phone strap as a token of friendship. Oh, and if you’re thinking that they become a couple? It’s not set in stone just yet!

Well then, that’s about it for Episode 1 of Fuuka. Next episode, Yuu Haruna might find a long-lost childhood friend who became a professional singer… Of course, you might expect a post about Episode 2 tomorrow.

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  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    As a reader of the manga I am so very curious about the developments of this this anime. ^_^

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