Fuuka Episode #02

Well, I have to admit but Suzuka Asahina- Oh wait, Suzuka Akitsuki has grown into a stunning mother towards her two kids. Yeah, I forgot to tell you that Fuuka has a younger brother!

As for Yamato Akitsuki, gotta say that he still looked cool even after hanging up his shoes in athletics. But despite having great parents, Fuuka isn’t keen to follow their footsteps.

Meanwhile, here’s a character introduced on this episode named Makoto Mikasa. While he’s popular with girls, Makoto is not interested with them especially Fuuka Akitsuki.

On the other hand, Makoto previously played the piano so it seems that he’s talented.

But now, let’s go back to Fuuka as she’s interested in Koyuki Hinashi’s music. In fact, she cried upon hearing one of Koyuki’s best songs.

So about Yuu Haruna’s long-lost childhood friend? Well, I have to say that he finally found one at last…

It turns out that Koyuki Hinashi is actually Yuu Haruna’s long-lost childhood friend, who became a famous singer and she’s now performing at Budokan.

The reason why Koyuki or Tama-chan turned into a musical sensation is because of Yuu-kun, who urged her to follow her dreams of becoming a singer!

Speaking of Yuu-kun, he’s drawn into Koyuki’s voice and nothing beats Saori Hayami when it comes to singing. Heck, even Fuuka got drawn into her music as well!

With that said, Koyuki Hinashi’s solo concert at Budokan was a success.

I have to say that she’ll have a successful career ahead, but I wonder if Koyuki has some feelings for Yuu-kun?

Lastly, seems that Fuuka Akitsuki has finally found her calling as she decided to make music. Heck, Yuu is surprised that Fuuka can sing well!

With that said, Fuuka has chosen her path as a musician and thus, she created the light music club together with Makoto Mikasa and Yuu Haruna. I’ll see that on the next episode!

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