Sangatsu no Lion Episode #12

Well, Rei Kiriyama is back after spending New Year’s Day with the Kawamoto family. While being with the Kawamoto family felt at ease for Kiriyama, going back to his own apartment felt unsecured especially when Rei felt something ominous.

But enough about that as Rei Kiriyama participates in an high-profile shogi competition named Shishioh Tournament in order to have a chance of promotion.

Oh yeah, and Tatsuyuki “Smith” Misumi is also participating the tournament because the Shishioh Tournament has a hefty sum of cash that awaits the champion. Of course, the road of winning the tournament will be tough as there are a few strong competitors…

…including this veteran shogi player named Masamune Gotou which Kiriyama has a bad history towards him. Well, let’s just say that Kyouko Kouda told Masamune-san to beat Rei-kun up.

But the funny thing is that Gotou doesn’t care about Kyouko’s advances towards him as he’s a married man, and having Masachika’s eldest child as his mistress is an annoyance than convenience.

In any case, looks like Rei Kiriyama has a case of bad blood towards Masamune Gotou! Of course, Rei-kun would lose in a fistfight against the veteran, so the only way to settle things is to out-play Gotou in a shogi match.

Still, that depends on whether “Smith” Misumi would lose against Masamune-san or having the former pulling an upset against the veteran. Then again, the chances of Tatsuyuki-san advancing towards the final match is very slim when he’s up against Gotou, so Rei-kun can’t depend on “Smith” Misumi pulling a miracle.

With that said, looks like Kiriyama will have to make preparations on the next episode as he doesn’t want to lose!

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