Urara Meirochou Episode #01

Here’s another anime adaptation of a Manga Time Kirara title where this girl named Chiya is about to embark on a journey towards Labyrinth Town…

…right after watching the sunrise. By the way, she grew up in the mountains together with the animals and let’s just say that they’re friendly towards Chiya!

But once she arrived at the Labyrinth Town, seems that her upbringing at the mountains has brought some misunderstandings by the local folks.

I mean, showing Chiya’s belly (and underboobs) to everyone as an apology is somewhat terrible!

So much that Chiya’s antics attracted a town guard named Saku, who is about to apprehend the visitor for showing indecency.

Fortunately, Chiya is quick on her feet and ran away from Saku. After all, she has an appointment of becoming an Urara at the Natsume-ya Tea House.

So after running away from Saku, Chiya met some of her fellow prospects like Kon Tatsumi and Koume Yukimi.

These two girls are heading to Natsume-ya to become apprentice Urara just like Chiya, even though the mountain girl doesn’t know such things as she’s here at the Labyrinth Town to see her long-lost mother.

Anyways, the three girls have arrived at Natsume-ya where they’re greeted by the show owner Nina.

Well, seems that their Urara training will begin but it seems that Nina will have to add one apprentice…

…like her shy little sister Nono. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that she’s there all the time, it’s just that Nono is hiding behind Nina’s back!

So what can I say on this series? Well, I have to admit but J.C.Staff goes for the subtle but surreal look on Urara Meirochou, which I kinda liked it regarding the art-style. Let’s hope that these four girls can show their stuff and make it to the top on the next episode!

As for Captain Saku, looks like she needs a break while being tended by her two subordinates.

Then again, the fact that she got pale after mentioning her name most of the time or that incident where Chiya shows her belly to the town folks!

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