Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 Episode #01

On this first (and maybe the last) episode of this second season of KonoSuba, what was supposed to be a celebration after defeating the Destroyer mecha turned out to be a nightmare.

Well, Kazuma Satou didn’t deserve an arrest warrant… He deserved more medals than this!

But lo and behold, Kazuma was locked up in a prison cell for committing a terrorist act, despite the fact that he saved the town from another threat.

While Aqua, Megumim, and Darkness-chan tried to get him out, they’re too stupid to find effective ways to let Kazuma escape from his cell. Yeah, I pity him for his companions’ idiocy!

Now then, it’s time to determine Kazuma’s fate as the court is in session!

Then again, who needs formalities where it’s a kangaroo court where testifying his innocence is fully-ignored.

Also, the person who filed the complaint is Lord Aldarp as he accused Kazuma Satou of not only siding with the Demon Lord Army, but also the destruction of his property which is downright petty in my opinion.

But despite the petty charges against Kazuma, Lord Aldarp has complete control over the court since he’s a noble which he can do whatever he wants. What an asshole!

Fortunately, Darkness-chan or should I say Dustiness Ford Lalatina came to rescue Kazuma Satou for being executed, because she has the power to do so. But then again, let’s not forget that Darkness-chan is a masochist.

In any case, the court was suspended as the judge has decided to observe Kazuma on whether he’s dangerous or not. Of course, the next episode will have him and his companions attempt to save Darkness-chan (and their belongings) from Lord Aldarp ’cause he’s a fat bastard!

So much for this Season 2 premiere… But he, it’s still hilarious like the first season so it’s all good!

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