Masamune-kun’s Revenge Episode #02

This is Kojurou Shuri, one of Masamune Makabe’s friends who happened to be voiced by none other than Saori Hayami.

Still, Kojurou-kun has no idea on Masamune’s troubled past, which is good ’cause he wants to have a good start!

Meanwhile, here’s another character where she serves as Aki Adagaki’s servant. This is Yoshino Koiwai and she maybe a klutz (expect her panties shown when she trips), but it seems that Yoshino knows Masamune’s secret.

Uh-oh, looks like Makabe’s revenge plan would fail if Koiwai exploit his past! I mean, she can torture Masamune somewhere…

On the other hand, here’s Masamune-kun as he’s slowly gaining up on Aki-sama. Then again, the fact that her tsundere personality is so tough that Masamune couldn’t make Aki fall in love with him. One false step and he’s over!

In any case, let’s hope that Masamune’s revenge plan would succeed and not become the next victim of Aki’s terrible insults. Of course, it’ll take a long time…

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