Fuuka Episode #03

So, the newly-formed Light Music Club has decided to get some funds for their instruments by doing part-time jobs. Yeah, Fuuka and her mates are spending their time at Yahagi’s beach house!

By the way, seems that Yahagi-san was once a musician but there’s no indication on whether he’s part of the famous band HEDGEHOGS or not.

Now then, both Fuuka Akitsuki and Makoto Mikasa are working hard to earn some cash for their chosen instrument. Yeah, they’re doing their best all right!

This includes Yuu Haruna as he got out of his comfort zone and started getting serious as a waiter.

Well, he’s got a bit awkward at first but Fuuka motivate Yuu-kun to work hard like the rest of his band-mates!

After their part-time job, it’s time to hit the beach where Fuuka Akitsuki shows her swimwear.

Gotta say that she has a nice body!

On the other hand, here’s Yuu Haruna as he’s accompanying Fuuka-chan just in case something bad happen…

…like getting leg cramps and started sinking into the bottom. Well, that ain’t good for Fuuka-chan!

Fortunately, Yuu Haruna is there to rescue Akitsuki so it’s all good there.

Then again, it appears that Fuuka is the one who rescued Yuu-kun as she gives him the CPR.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that it’s their first kiss, so it seems that Fuuka is somewhat embarrassed there! Moreso with Yuu Haruna since he felt more awkward than before…

Meanwhile, here’s Koyuki Hinashi as she’s here for the photo-shoot, but it appears that it was cancelled due to rain so Koyuki has more free time today.

With that said, Koyuki went to see Yuu-kun since she’s near to Yahagi’s beach house.

Yeah, they sure act like childhood friends but I think both Koyuki and Yuu should go somewhere else…

Otherwise, a certain Fuuka Akitsuki might see them. Of course, it’s too late now and Yuu Haruna is in a hot seat right now!

So until next time, we’ll see how Yuu-kun get out of this sticky situation.

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