Seiren Episode #02

So it seems that Shouichi Kamita got a rough night after Hikari Tsuneki sneak into his room. Poor Shouichi-kun…

By the way, standing beside Shouichi Kamita is Ikuo Nanasaki who is Ai’s little brother all grown-up to become Shouichi’s male friend!

Anyways, here’s Hikari Tsuneki and she’s joined by her friend Mako Yoshida. It turns out that Hikari was forced by her parents to join the study camp due to her failing grades, which she tried to get out but turned tail instead and went to Shouichi’s room.

Well, it’s sucks that Hikari will have to spend her summer break studying until she’s smart enough. But hey, Shouichi will have some time with the most popular girl in Kibitou High!

But then again, seems that some of the camp participants are getting noticed on Shouichi’s relationship with Hikari after returning his jersey. In fact, they think that Tsuneki made wild sex with Kamita, which is not true since he haven’t done anything lewd towards her!

Still, Shouichi needs to be careful or clear up some misunderstandings before going out of proportion on the next episode! I mean, he needs to win Hikari’s heart without causing controversy…

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