Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil Episode #02

In 2013, there was a man who works his way to the top as an HR Manager with brutal logic and a lack of empathy.

While this man care about results, this is where the latter has got him into trouble…

…like having a disgruntled employee shoved him off the platform and he’s about to run over by a train.

Of course, there’s a chance for this brutal manager as God offered him a suitable reincarnation in repentance for his misdeeds. However, the manager mocked God and called him as Being X, due to the fact that he’s an atheist.

Yeah, looks like this man got his ass bitten by God and he’s gonna receive a horrible fate…

…by becoming a little girl in a hellish world where everyone can die via machine gun fire or a powerful magic spell!

And thus how Tanya Degurechaff came to be as she became the youngest officer and a powerful assault mage in the Empire. Then again, seems that God (or Being X) made a fatal mistake on not removing Tanya’s magical capabilities after reincarnation.

But still, Tanya doesn’t give a damn as she killed four soldiers before reinforcements arrive during the Norden campaign. Well, seems that she’s enjoying her new life at this point!

Next episode will return to the present as Tanya Degurechaff is ready for her next mission. Of course, some people are worried about her devil-like attitude.

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