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Little Witch Academia Episode #01

Well, it’s time for me to blog this anime series by Trigger as it tells a story of how a witch changed the life of a single girl forever… Yes, I’m talking about this girl named Atsuko Kagari who has … Continue reading

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Sangatsu no Lion Episode #13

Here’s Tatsuyuki “Smith” Misumi as he’s about to face his toughest opponent yet!

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Rewrite Episode #14

Well everyone, looks like what happened in the first half is nothing but a dream as Koutarou Tennouji woke up from his long slumber. Just kidding, humanity has become extinct… except that Sakura Kashima didn’t kill all of them as … Continue reading

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Urara Meirochou Episode #02

Well, I have to say that Koume Yukimi is rubbing down on Chiya’s tummy like a certain Nozomi! The funny thing is, there’s a rumor that Koume was the love child of both Nozomi Toujou and Nico Yazawa. Yeah, you … Continue reading

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