Little Witch Academia Episode #01

Well, it’s time for me to blog this anime series by Trigger as it tells a story of how a witch changed the life of a single girl forever…

Yes, I’m talking about this girl named Atsuko Kagari who has no magic powers, but she’s inspired to follow Shiny Chariot on becoming a witch!

And despite the odds, she becomes one after getting Shiny Chariot’s legendary staff (which turned into a bow) while finding her way to Luna Nova, the place where Little Witch Academia is located.

In any case, this is one of Trigger’s earliest anime shows, now remade into a TV series to attract a new audience. Although I haven’t watched the OVA series, this one looked stunning so far despite the change of format. On the other hand, I’m interested on Akko-chan as she might show something that’s beyond of being a normal person. After all, underdogs like Atsuko Kagari won’t lose to anyone no matter what!

With that said, I’ll see you on the next episode as her witch life in Luna Nova begins!

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